At some point in time, humans broke the natural harmony of the world. They came to know greed like no other species. They gave no thought to what their rampant breeding would do to the world.

Reunion (再起 saiki?) is the fifth chapter of The House of the Dead 4.


Sitting in his office, Caleb Goldman claims that humanity's greed and "rampant" breeding, unbeknownst to them, would endanger the world.

After their battle with Temperance, AMS agent Kate Green is left in tears over the city's destruction as partner James Taylor tries to console her. Just then, his PDA goes off; he receives an email from Caleb Goldman, the deceased mastermind behind a similar incident three years ago, who begins a countdown to the launch of nuclear missiles. Realizing that Goldman is yet again the culprit, James decides to take Kate to Goldman's headquarters, located at Point A0063.

The agents find a working car and drive through the ruined city streets, fighting through hordes of creatures in a bid to reach the building. On arrival, they go through the entrance, where they confront the same cyborg-like humanoids from the 2000 incident. They are then waylaid by the Star, a levitating humanoid, in the lobby; he seeks to challenge the agents in "a test of strength" as Goldman's "parting wish".

James and Kate defeat the Star, who explodes and injures James. He dismisses the wound as an old wound as Kate helps him to his feet.


  • The hole made by Hierophant in The House of the Dead 2's fifth chapter on the bridge leading to the Goldman Building is still present and can be seen in this chapter.
    • In spite of the long time passage, there is no sign of any work or effort being made to repair the hole, let alone block it off. There is however now signage and street lighting on the bridge, as well as a heavier mess of traffic near the Goldman Building, pointed to and fro.
  • Although James and Kate referred to the area they were going through as a "city" in the previous chapter, the route map refers to it as a "Town". This could be because the word for "city" in the Japanese subtitles, "街" (machi), could be translated interchangeably as one or the other.
  • They are a few mistakes in the English subtitles for this chapter.
    • "There's something else we must do." - "else" is given as "left".
    • "Watch out for that truck!" - "the" is used in place of "that".
    • "This place hasn't changed since the last time..." - The subtitles are missing "the".




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