At some point in time, humans broke the natural harmony of the world. They came to know greed like no other species. They gave no thought to what their rampant breeding would do to the world.

Caleb Goldman[src]
Reunion is the fifth chapter of The House of the Dead 4.


Videotaped sitting in his office, Caleb Goldman claims that humanity's greed and "rampant" breeding, unbeknownst to them, would endanger the world.

After their battle with Temperance, AMS agent Kate Green is left in tears over the city's destruction as partner James Taylor tells her not to give up hope. His PDA goes off; he discovers an email from Caleb Goldman, the deceased mastermind behind a similar incident three years ago. Realizing that Goldman is yet again the culprit, James drives Kate to Goldman's headquarters, located at Point A006.

The agents fight hordes of creatures on the ruined city streets, and in the building entrance they confront the same cyborg-like humanoids from the 2000 incident. They are waylaid by the Star, a levitating humanoid, in the lobby; he seeks to challenge the agents in "a test of strength" as Goldman's "parting wish".

James and Kate defeat the Star, who explodes and injures James. He dismisses the wound as an old wound as Kate helps him to his feet.



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