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"Nothing can erase my pain."
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At some point in time, humans broke the natural
harmony of the world. They came to know greed like no other species. They gave no thought to what their rampant breeding would do to the world.

Reunion (再起, Saiki?) is the fifth Chapter of The House of the Dead 4.


Caleb Goldman, in his office, claims that humanity's greed and "rampant" breeding, unbeknownst to them, would endanger the world (read the exact quote above).

Back in the present, AMS agents James Taylor and Kate Green are still in shock over the state of city they found after defeating Temperance in the previous Chapter. Kate is even seen crying silently as James tried to console her, while telling Kate to not "give up hope". Suddenly, his PDA goes off, as he receives an email from the supposedly deceased Caleb Goldman, the mastermind behind the events three years earlier, which James help to neutralize. The email reads that "everything's set". Below the message is a 60-minute countdown to a nuclear missile launch, which is now ticking. James rightly guessed that Goldman is yet again the culprit. James decides to take Kate to Goldman Building[sic], located at Point A0063.

The agents find a working car and drive through the ruined city streets, fighting through hordes of creatures in a bid to reach the building. On arrival, the agents are stopped by The Star, a levitating humanoid, in the lobby, who seeks to challenge the agents in "a test of strength" as "Goldman's parting wish". However, James and Kate defeat him after a long battle. Upon defeat, he exploded, which the effect of that injures James. He dismisses the pain as "an old wound" as Kate helps him to his feet.


After coming down the clock tower, while James complains of "what the heck is Goldman up to", a David and two Costello-Bs are coming under a car from the right side of the player(s). After killing them, James remarks that the agents are "running out of time". The agents then spotted a white car and James told Kate to "leave the driving" to him. However, a group of creatures will approach from the left side of the player(s). Kill them to prompts a cutscene, which James and Kate entering the car, with the steering wheel interestingly placed at the right side as opposed to the left side of the car like in The House of the Dead 2.

James will remarks that the agents is going to "Point A0063". When he tried to get the car to the street, two hordes of creatures are coming to the left and right sides of the car. Kill them to let James drive the car to the street. However, an Agent will appear on top of the car, forcing James to stop. After he is dealt with, several Agents and Bains will attack from the right side of the player(s). James will then drive on a sidewalk as the street is blocked by a truck, but upon trying to drive back into the street, a Bain is lifting the car, while several Davids and Stones-As are approaching from the right side of the car. If the player(s) wish to not spend time any longer with them, simply kill the Bain lifting the car, which will brought the car back to the ground, enabling James to drive the car. However, a horde of creatures is blocking the way near two telephone boxes, so the player(s) must kill them all. A Bain and two Constantins will charge through from the left side of the car. Kill them and James will proceed to drive down the street.

James will remarks that the agents are "almost out of time" and that they "got to hurry". Suddenly, a truck, driven by a Stones-A, came in front of the car, forcing James to turn the car sharply to his right into an underground tunnel. The car will then be approached by several creatures from the left side. Kill them to avoid damage. As James tried to drive further, an Agent will drop to the top of the car. Kill it to prompts a cutscene. James (and possibly all the player(s) who played The House of the Dead 2 prior) will be presented with a scenery that will trigger their minds, as the bridge leading to Goldman Building[sic] is seen in front of the agents. Kate, however, wasn't familiar with this and asked James "where are [they] going" to. James told Kate that "the email [he] just received confirmed it for [him]" of where "everything started", which is Goldman Building[sic]. The mentioned building is slowly looming in front of the agents.

On the bridge, a car driven by a Costello-B will catch up on the right side, with a Laban ready to attack the player(s). Kill it to avoid damage. The Costello-B will drive the car all the way to a hole that again will trigger another memory, as that is where Hierophant shows up three years earlier to face either/both of James and Gary Stewart in The House of the Dead 2. From the hole, a horde of creatures will approached the car. After they are killed, another car driven by Costello-B will attempt to shove the car to the left side of the street. Shake the gun to shove that car instead to stays on the right side of the street that James intends to travelled onto. If the player(s) fail to complete the Quick Time Event, the car that the agents are on at will be shoved to the left side of the street, where an Agent will fall on top of it; if the player(s) succeed to complete the Quick Time Event, the car that the agents are on will shove the car that the Costello-B drives on, crashing it behind them. The right side of the street feature several point-boosting items and most importantly, a bonus life, so it is worth to try succeeding the Quick Time Event. The player(s) then will be greeted by a horde of creatures at the entrance of the building. After they are killed, the car will finally enter the front area of the building, where James and/or Gary fought Magician three years earlier. James remarks that "[he] never thought [he'd] be back [there]".

As the agents exiting the car and entering the building, five Franklins will shows up. Kill them to enter the lobby of the building, which looks so empty. Kate took notice of this, as she feels that "[they're] being invited in". The Star then shows up from the building's ceiling, then welcoming the agents. He then want to "prove [the agents] in a test of strength" as part of "Goldman's parting wish". The fight with him will then begin.

Boss Information

Main article: The Star#Gameplay

James' PDA will inform the player(s) that his Weak Point is his Chest's Scar. Interestingly, the PDA will display "No Damage?" towards his Head as well, which will play important part later. James then tell The Star to "get out of [the] way", before he and Kate take stance to kill him. The Star will first fly towards the sky, then after a few moments, will try to slash the player(s) using his knife. After surviving this phase, The Star will repeat this attack two more times. Depends on how many player(s) playing, he will then either attempt the same attack two more times (if single player)/create a spell to release several purple-ish energy beams which will inflict damage if it touched the agents, then repeating the attack he done in the first three phases once more (if two players). In the sixth phase, he will release the purple-ish energy beams towards the player(s). On the seventh phase, The Star will once more charge towards the agents (if single player)/will rise to the sky, before dropping sharply to attack the agents from above (if two players). He will then create the purple-ish energy beams once more in the eighth phase. Eliminate all the energy beams to proceed to the next phase.

At this rate, the jacket closing The Star's head will be destroyed, exposing his bald head. The PDA's mark of "No Damage?" towards The Star's head earlier become important, as it turns out, his head is also his weak point. The Star will attempt to hide his chest by spinning towards the player(s), but as his secondary weak point, which is the mentioned head, is exposed, it makes the player(s) can easily inflict damage to him. He then will create the purple-ish energy beams once more, before again spinning towards the player(s) for his eleventh and final phase. If the player(s) succeed in surviving this, The Star will be severely injured and Kate will remarks that "[he's] the one who failed the test". However, The Star will explode upon defeated and that explosion injure James. James will tell Kate that it is merely "an old wound" that he suffered three years earlier when facing Magician, but it is clear that James is hurt. Kate then helps James to get back to his feet, before walking deeper into the building.

Bonus Items and Area(s)

Main article: Bonus_items#The_House_of_the_Dead_4_and_Special

There are bonus items (unfortunately, no bonus area(s) in this Chapter) scattered across the Chapter:

  • Bonus Items:
    • When facing the horde of creatures on the right side of the car prior to entering the street, there is a brown barrel to the right of the player(s), which contains a Golden Frog.
    • Behind the telephone boxes on the right side of the street when the car stopped by the creatures on the street are two brown barrels. One of them will contains a Grenade.
    • Behind the three creatures that approach from the left side of the player(s) is a brown barrel, which contains a Med Kit.
    • There are two brown barrels near a broken school bus prior to entering an underground tunnel. One of them will contains a Golden Magician.
    • The player(s) had to successfully overcome the challenge from the second car driven by Costello-B, which will take the car to the right side of the street. There, the player(s) could spot a Med Kit to the left side of the player(s), as well as a Top Hat, two Gold Coins, and a Grenade to the right side of the player(s).


  • Although the area the agents were going through is referred as a "city" in the previous Chapter, the route map refers to it as a "Town". This could be because the word for "city" in the Japanese subtitles, "街" (Machi), could be translated interchangeably as one or the other.
  • This was the only Chapter in the entire The House of the Dead 4 game that didn't have at least one bonus area. This could be due to the fact that the agents are not inside a building for majority of the Chapter, contradicts to the rest of the Chapters, where the agents spend most to all of their time inside a building for the Chapter.
  • The hole made by Hierophant in The House of the Dead 2's fifth Chapter on the bridge leading to the Goldman Building[sic] is still present and can be seen in this Chapter.
    • In spite of the long time passage, there is no sign of any work or effort being made to repair the hole. This might be due to the fact that only Goldman who is using this bridge, which means that after he commit suicide, there is no human that ever crossed the bridge until the agents three years later.
  • They are a few mistakes in the English subtitles for this Chapter:
    • "There's something left we must do." - James said "else" as opposed of "left".
    • "Watch out for the truck!" - Kate said "that" as opposed of "the".
    • "This place hasn't changed since last time..." - The subtitles are missing "the" that James said between "since" and "last".




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