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Rudolph Curien[src]

Rudolph "Rudy" Curien is the main protagonist of the movie adaptation of House of the Dead.


In the film, Rudy attends a rave on a remote island that is attacked by zombies. He feels guilty after witnessing the deaths of his friends and other people. Rudy joins group of survivors, including his ex-girlfriend Alicia.

At the end of the film, when rescued by AMS agents Thomas Rogan and "G" and taken to a helicopter, Rudy reveals his full name as Rudolph Curien.

In the ending narration, Rudy reveals that used an immortality serum produced by Castillo Sermano in an attempt to save Alicia.

As he leaves, Rudy questions the outcomes and wonders what will happen to Alicia. He is unaware if she is supposed to be alive or dying, as she cannot walk despite his attempts to help her stand up. He returns to home as the only survivor of the island.

In the sequel House of the Dead 2, it is revealed that Rudy and Alicia have been subdued by his father, Professor Roy Curien. Curien begins experimenting on Alicia in order to get to the bottom of her immorality, having apparent disregard of the rotting state of her body.


  • In director Uwe Boll's commentary, he mentions by the ending of the film that Rudy is supposed to be Dr. Curien; this would lead up to the timeline of the House of the Dead video game series. However, the film's sequel, House of the Dead 2, would be retconned.


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