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A Sarcoma is vampiric parasite that latches itself onto human hosts, with the capacity to turn them into vampires. Sarcomas serve as enemies in Vampire Night.

Sarcomas preyed on French villagers in 2006, and were encountered by vampire hunters Michel and Albert during their quest to kill the vampire leader Auguste. The parasites needed to be carefully shot in order to rescue their victims; a single misaimed bullet would result in the Sarcoma tangling the victim, transforming them into a vampire that must be killed.


Appearing in the first four chapters of Vampire Night, Sarcomas serve as an altered version of the civilian mechanic from the main House of the Dead video game series. The player must carefully aim and shoot the Sarcoma. Success results in the villager being freed; accidentally shooting the villager results in him or her being transformed into a vampire enemy.

It is advantageous to free as many Sarcoma victims as possible; besides awarding points, some villagers will also give a bonus life. Furthermore, saving enough victims makes it likelier for the player to get a bonus life when the chapter is completed.

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