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Saturn Mode is a game mode used in both the Sega Saturn and PC ports of The House of the Dead. It allows for the original game to be played as one of six selectable characters. Each character has their own damage values, reload speed, and other attributes.

AMS agents Thomas Rogan and G, the protagonists of the original game, are playable, in addition to alternately-dressed versions of themselves named Rogan 2 and G 2. Supporting character Sophie Richards and a DBR researcher can also be selected.

List of characters

The following information is from the 1998 Japanese guidebook The House of the Dead Dennou Shinan: Dr. Curien no Houkoku Sho.

Image Name Hit Points Chamber Bullet Damage Reload Time Hit Size
Thomas Rogan 3 6 Normal Quick Normal
Rogan 2 3 2 Powerful Normal Large
G 2 15 Normal Quick Small
G 2 5 6 Weak Normal Large
Sophie Richards 4 24 Weak Long Small
Researcher 2 12 Powerful Long Normal


  • During development of The House of the Dead, Rogan 2 and G 2 were originally AMS agents who arrived at the Curien Mansion before Rogan and G. In addition, the DBR researcher who is killed at the start of the first chapter was originally Rogan 2 with a beard. This change was presumably because players may not recognize the Rogan 2 character. [1][excerpt 1]
  • Sophie, Rogan 2, and G 2 are playable in The House of the Dead's arcade version via secret codes inputted when the player inserts a credit.
  • This mode is called PC Mode on the pc port of the game.


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  1. Excerpt from The House of the Dead Dennou Shinan: Dr. Curien no Houkoku Sho, p.157:
    "三本木:そういえばローガン2とG2というの はローガンが乗り込む日の直前に調査しに行 った特殊工作員だったんですよ。ゲームの 最初で研究員が襲われるシーン。あそこの研 究員がヒゲ面のローガン2だった。でもゲー ムの流れで見たとき "こいつ誰?"ってことに なって。結局、研究員になりました。"
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