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For the chapter of the same name, see Scarecrow Manor (chapter).

Scarecrow Manor (スケアクロウの館, Sukeakurō no yakata?) is an estate owned by Thornheart. It is the main setting of House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn

Appearing to be an opulent mansion on the surface, Scarecrow Manor houses an underground laboratory and research facility; here, Thornheart developed his self-dubbed "Noah's Ark" project to decimate humanity with biologically-engineered creatures, thus completing Dr. Curien and Caleb Goldman's legacy. The AMS government agency investigated the estate in 2006.


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On December 6 2006, AMS agents Kate Green and her partner Ryan Taylor infiltrated a dinner party at Scarecrow Manor. When Thornheart unleashed his creations upon guests, Kate and Ryan blew cover to protect them. They ventured through the mansion grounds and laboratory, discovering the truth about "Noah's Ark" while killing Chariot, Hangedman, and High Priestess. Thornheart was confronted in a church; the agents defeated another creation, Moon, while Thornheart escaped to further his plan.


  • Scarecrow Manor and the Curien Mansion are similar in that:
    • Both serve as the home of the main antagonists.
    • Both have secret laboratories.
    • The antagonists release their magnum opuses against infiltrating AMS agents.


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