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For the location of the same name, see Scarecrow Manor.

As night falls, two agents infiltrate an old manor.

Opening cutscene[src]

Scarecrow Manor (スケアクロウの館, Sukeakurō no yakata?) is the first chapter of House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn. It takes place in an area named the Hall.


On the night of December 6th, 2006 at 8:00PM, guests gather in the reception party hall of Scarecrow Manor. A half hour later, undercover AMS agents Kate Green and Ryan Taylor meet in the party hall foyer. Ryan cannot find a phone signal, while Kate muses that she has been unable to learn more about the organization they are investigating.

An earthquake interrupts the agents. As the manor's owner jeers from a balcony, hordes of biologically-engineered creatures begin slaughtering the party guests, including a man who is making unwanted sexual advances on Kate. Kate and Ryan wield machine guns and fight to the reception party hall, which they find ablaze.

Kate remarks that Ryan's older brother James, her partner who died in 2003, foretold the event. Kate calls an unmanned helicopter with her PDA, but the creatures unite to form a tower that stops the helicopter, forcing the agents to jump to a balcony before it crashes. After being attacked by an armored, bardiche-wielding behemoth, the agents escape outside before the building collapses.

The agents find themselves at fountain area with three paths, and, with little choice to go elsewhere, decide to explore the rest of the manor.


  • The helicopter's A.I. quotes are among the few lines of dialogue in Scarlet Dawn's International version that have English subtitles; most of the others are missing due to an oversight.
  • This chapter can be skipped entirely in the International version via the "Select Path" mode, which immediately makes the middle three levels — the Annex, Laboratory, and Elevator Lobby — available. Consequently, the player will receive no ranking or score for this chapter.
  • Scarecrow Manor was one of two levels included in the first build of Scarlet Dawn's location test.


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