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Your time has long pasted...Be gone now...You are ancient history...

Chapter intro, arcade version[src]

Begone now, for your time has long since passed...Take your places in ancient history...

Chapter intro, PS2 version[src]

Scarlet Snow Prelude (緋雪前奏曲, Hiyuki pureryūdo?) is the first chapter of Vampire Night.


In France during the year 2006, vampire hunters Michel and Albert journey to a giant castle where the vampiric leader Auguste resides. Sitting on his throne, Auguste vows for a battle over "who shall live and who shall die" to be settled.

Vampires suddenly ambush Michel and Albert in a graveyard, who fight their way to the remains of a building. There, they find a young girl named Caroline being attacked by villagers infested by a parasitic Sarcoma. After the hunters dispatch the threat, Caroline asks them about their identity and finds out their purpose -- to "hunt the creatures of the dark" -- before continuing towards a nearby bridge.


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