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Scream Train!...Two hundred metric tons of unstoppable terror burning through the night.

Introductory narration

Scream Train is the fourth level in The House of the Dead: Overkill (sixth in Extended Cut). It revolves around AMS agent "G" and Detective Isaac Washington chasing crime lord Papa Caesar on his "Scream Train".

Playable Characters:

Other Characters:

Opening Cutscene

The two officers arrive at the scene in their ice cream truck. As they recklessly park their vehicle, they stopped Varla Guns from sending a bullet to Papa Caesar's head.


"Nobody motherfucking move!" - Washington preventing Varla.


"Varla, put the gun down. We got him." - G reasoning with her.

"My brother died trying to take down this sick fuck. I need this. I gotta do this for Jasper." - Varla's explanation for vengeance.

"Caesar's mine, Varla." - Isaac taking control.

"Papa Caesar, you're under AMS arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can..." - G attempting to take him in custody.

"Fuck that shit. This bastard can't live." - Varla pointing her sidearm to G.

"I can't let you kill him. Let me contact my agency and we'll take him into custody." - G explaining his solution.

"To hell with that." Varla dismissing G's solution.


"Fucking A, sister. Caesar ain't leaving this platform with his eyes still open, G." - Isaac agreeing with Varla.

Isaac against G.

"Have you both lost it?" - G addressing their consumption of vengeance.

"Ahem! I'm afraid I'm going to have to disappoint all of you. Particularly you, Isaac. You've got the most reason to despise me of anybody here. But I have business elsewhere. Urgent business. And..." - Papa Caesar grabbing their attention and Washington's reason to capture him.

As Papa Caesar continues to speak, Isaac cared less and shoots his left leg.

"Argh. You piece of shit." - Papa Caesar's aggressive tone.

"I'm sorry. Do continue." - Isaac being "polite".

"See you in hell, Washington." - Papa Caesar escaping and activating the train.

The train gives off it's loud horn. As the same time, a grisly shriek is heard elsewhere.

"What was that?" - G hearing the shriek.

"Your mama, by the sounds of it." - Isaac jokingly responding.

"Enough with the pissing competition. Are we going to take down this..." - Varla stopping their argument until...

Papa Caesar smacks her with his cane knocking her down. The two officers accompany the fallen stripper.

"Motherfucker!" - Washington realizing Caesar's escape.

Caesar laughs as the two of them chase him down leaving Varla behind.

"Hey! Assholes. Wait for me! Shit." - Varla calling them out.

Level Walkthrough

First Car

They enter the first car filled with cages, lockers and other pieces of equipment. Mutants coming out from all hiding spaces. Lockers, cages, crates and the next car. A Rage Mutants can be fought here. Prisoners from the County Jail can be fought dropping down from above.

"This motherfucker came from the county jail. And that can't be good." - Washington recognizing the mutants' uniforms

As they journey through, they get a quick glimpse of the boss crawling on top of the train.

Second Car

This car is full of biohazardous crates. Little mutant activity occurs here but one particular mutant attempts to throw an empty bottle.

We also get to see the claws of the boss exterminating a mutant. The Crawler continues to sabotage this car in an attempt to decapitate the two agents.

Quick look at the boss's attack.

"Looks like the mutagen doesn't only affect humans." - G's observation.

Third Car

This car is a pantry for cattle containing broken cages and dead remains of the animals. This is perhaps what Caesar is feeding the monster.

"This does not look good." - G having a hunch.

"Good? Good! There ain't nothing god about this whole motherfucking situation." - Isaac stating the obvious.

Slightly more activity occurs here. Mutant coming from the cages, underneath carts and charging towards the officers.

Fourth Car

This is mainly for passengers. Mutants arise from their seats.

An explosion occurs

A cutscene happens here where an explosion suddenly ignites from the other car. The two officers dodge the ignition before one of the car doors hits them. A large burned gap separates this car from the next.

Fifth Car

This car is another passengers car and is the other half of the explosion. On the other side, a mutant will throw a bladed weapon. The officers jump to the next car where they are greeted with other mutants.

Sixth Car

Same fate as the previous two but the destruction is set on the middle where a giant hole in the wall is missing presumably caused by the boss. Less activity occurs here, however, another rage mutant is encountered.

Seventh Car

"Now this is my kind of place. Travelling in style, baby." - Isaac commenting on this car's luxurious design.

Less activity happens here.

Storage Car

More mutant activity compared to the seventh. One mutant, in particular, is seen siting down on the toilet doing some private business.

Shit, man.

Storage Car - Second Floor

This car is a party car with a dance floor and cocktail bar. At the far background, mutant strippers are seen dancing.

Also, this level's first civilian requires to be saved.

The officers head back downstairs to the next car.

Storage Car 2

Little mutant activity here.

Passengers Rest Car

Mutants bust down doors to attack. One of which is seen sleeping only to be disturbed by Washington.

"Sorry, fuck. Did I wake you?" - Washington addressing the sleeping mutant.

Storage Car 3

2 mutants attack here. The door to the other car is locked.

"Guess we take the stairs then." - Washington using his common sense.

Storage Car 3 - Second Floor

The door located here is also locked followed by an attack from a rage mutant. This attack, in particular, knee strikes to the mutant's crotch and slams its head to a table and then window only to be decapitated by a post.

"Was that absolutely necessary?" - G asking Washington's combat.

"Motherfucker didn't had no dick." - Washington's answer.

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