Type D-1, named Simon (サイモン Saimon?), is a humanoid creature distinguishable for his muscular strength. He was produced twice through human genome experimentation -- first by genetic engineer Dr. Curien, and again by Curien's associate Thornheart -- to be used in humanity-threatening incidents and schemes.

When he was produced by Curien, Simon belonged to a D-type group of other muscular creatures: Gilmore (ギルモア Girumoa?), Harris (ハリス Harisu?), and Robert (ロバート Robāto?). In addition to inheriting Simon's physique, they had weapons and abilities which Simon lacked.

He is an enemy in both The House of the Dead and House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn.


1998 Curien Mansion incident

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Simon and the three other D-type creatures were originally developed by the late genetic engineer Dr. Curien, then research director of the DBR Corporation. Having gone insane due to various reasons, Curien released the creatures in his mansion to murder his own research team. AMS agents Thomas Rogan and G killed the creatures and ultimately foiled Curien's plan.[1]


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Years after Curien's death, his associate Thornheart reproduced Simon and several other of the scientist's creatures as part of a plan named "Noah's Ark". Thornheart, then manager of the Scarecrow Mansion, released the creatures upon guests of a dinner party. The threat was dispatched by AMS agents Kate Green and Ryan Taylor.[2]

Bestiary Overview


Simon is a pale-skinned, shirtless muscular creature with glowing white eyes, dark hair, and gray pants. His left arm and a portion of his upper chest have exposed muscles.

In his Scarlet Dawn iteration, he appears more greenish pale than before and has red eyes. The muscles on his left arm are more green compared to his skin. This is likely due to being incubated in biochemical liquids altering his muscular system. It also gave him increased health, as opposed to his first creation, and slightly thicker skin suiting him as armor.


Like other muscular creatures (Gilmore, Harris, and Robert), Simon dies in two shots to the head, but can otherwise withstand several bullets to the rest of his body. He attacks with a shoulder strike, but can also throw barrels and oil drums from a distance.

In the second chapter, a Simon attempts throwing a civilian at the player. One can potentially lose up to two lives here: accidentally shooting the civilian costs one life, and not killing the creature in time costs another from an unavoidable throw attack.

In Scarlet Dawn, little has changed with Simon's offensive patterns from the first game.

Related creatures

Exclusive to The House of the Dead are three other muscular creatures who are related to Simon. Like Simon himself, these creatures will die after two headshots.

Image Name Description
Gilmore (ギルモア Girumoa?) The second iteration of Simon. Wielding a giant hammer in combat, Gilmore is slow but may move faster when damaged. If his right arm is dismembered, he will drop the hammer and instead shoulder tackle or punch the player. He appears in Chapters 2 and 3.
Harris (ハリス Harisu?) The third iteration of Simon. Harris swings his ball and chain -- which is invulnerable to gunfire -- in a circular motion, attacking players seconds later. He stands in place to attack, only advancing toward players while attacking at the end of the final stage. If his right arm is dismembered, he loses the weapon and will instead swipe or bite the player if able to. He appears in Chapters 3 and 4.
Robert (ロバート Robāto?) The fourth and currently final iteration of Simon. His attacks and movement are identical to Simon's, but the metallic attachments on the right side of his body are invulnerable to gunfire. When damaged, he will also briefly shield himself with his cybernetic arm. He appears in Chapters 3 and 4.


The House of the Dead


House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn

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