Sophie Richards is Thomas Rogan's fiancée, Lisa Rogan's mother, and a supporting character in The House of the Dead. She worked for the DBR Corporation until research director Dr. Roy Curien unleashed his biologically-engineered creatures upon staff members.

While her survival in gameplay is determined by the player's performance, Sophie canonically survived, married, and gave birth to Lisa, who appears in The House of the Dead III.[1]


The House of the Dead

Working as a researcher for the DBR Corporation under Curien, Sophie was engaged to AMS agent Thomas Rogan and acquainted with his partner, "G". Rogan and the AMS began secretly monitoring Curien's inhumane "Bio-Reactor" project, which was to remove the barrier between life and death and cure his ailing son.

On December 18th, 1998, Curien went mad and unleashed his creations upon the DBR research team. Sophie left Rogan an urgent phone call, who then arrived with "G" at Curien's mansion. They found her playing dead on the front courtyard until help had arrived. The Hangedman, one of Curien's creations, captured Sophie and flew her back to the mansion.

The AMS agents fought their way inside, eventually hearing Sophie's cries for help from inside one room. The trio reunited, only to be ambushed by the Chariot, who mortally wounded Sophie; Rogan and "G" defeated him. She passes out shortly afterward, much to Rogan's grief. Sophie urged the agents to defeat Curien and prevent a disaster.

After subduing Curien and his magnum opus, the Magician, Rogan bid Sophie a heartbroken farewell before taking his leave.

The player's score and the number of continues used determine Sophie's fate. The Neutral Ending simply has the player look back at the mansion, leaving players to assume that Sophie had died. The Bad Ending takes the player back inside the mansion, where Sophie is shown as a reanimated zombie. In the game's canonical Good Ending, Sophie is instead shown miraculously alive and well, running toward the screen exclaiming "Thank you!"

The House of the Dead III

After the events of the first game, Sophie married Rogan and gave birth to their daughter, Lisa.

By 2019, civilization had collapsed after a 2003 outbreak staged by Curien's financier, Caleb Goldman. Hoping to find the source of humanity's downfall, a now-retired Rogan led a team of military commandos into the EFI Research Facility. His team was overwhelmed by the undead, and Rogan went missing. Sophie worried for his safety; her daughter promised to find Rogan and bring him home.

While Sophie never appears, she is mentioned by Lisa, who claims that Rogan always put work ahead of his family; it is implied that Lisa has a much closer relationship with her mother.


  • Sophie's zombie state is slightly altered in the Sega Saturn console port. In the original arcade version, she has a tint of paleness to her complexion, her eyes are completely white, and a fluid (presumably blood) drips down her mouth. In the console port, she has green-tinted skin and bags under her eyes.
  • In the early development stages of the first House of the Dead, Sophie's name was Carole. She was also originally a villain.
  • There was an idea to make Sophie a boss in The House of the Dead 2, but the idea was scrapped early in the planning phase.
  • She shares her name with Sophie Richards, a saveable character from "Dead Rising". The two don't seem to have much in common, aside from short hairstyles, and being characters in zombie games.



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