[Laughs] This is a present from me, to you.

Caleb Goldman before releasing Strength.[src]

Type-205, codenamed "Strength" (ストレングス Sutorengusu?), was a masked, chainsaw-wielding behemoth. He was created by Caleb Goldman to be a suicidal gladiator against his adversaries. He is the fourth boss in The House of the Dead 2.

Chasing players in the maze-like Colosseum, Strength slashes with its chainsaw, hurls the axes stuck in his flesh, or jumps from high areas to crush the player. His weak point is his head.

Bestiary Overview

Strength is a massive shirtless and muscular creature. Wearing a mask, he wields a chainsaw with the word "BLAME" etched on the blade. Axes are lodged in the creature's right shoulder and left thigh. His flesh is lacerated.

In combat, Strength pursues players for a chainsaw slash or axe throw. He may burst through or leap from atop walls to attack. Headshots damage and stun Strength; the creature defends his weak point by erratically swinging the chainsaw.


The House of the Dead 2

Strength was derived from geneticist Dr. Curien's mad research; after Curien's death in the 1998 Curien Mansion Incident, his financier Caleb Goldman developed Strength and other creatures for the next two years. Goldman released them in a large, unnamed city on February 26th, 2000, scheming to decimate humanity and preserve the life cycle.

AMS dispatched agents to investigate, including James Taylor and Gary Stewart. The two battled creatures and evacuated the populace. While navigating the city canals with partners Amy Crystal and Harry Harris, Goldman -- via phone message -- invited them to meet him at the Colosseum; despite fearing a trap, the agents agreed.

The four split up, with Amy and Harry entering the Colosseum directly; Strength captured them, injuring Harry. After losing contact, James and Gary fought to the Colosseum arena. On a large screen, Goldman mocked the agents before trapping them in a labyrinth. He released Strength from a cage with Amy and Harry inside. James and Gary defeated the creature. James and Gary then returned to the cage from where Strength had emerged and were reunited with Amy and Harry. Harry then gave James the keys to his car.

Goldman's final creation, the Emperor, could shape-shift into most of the game's bosses; among its transformations was Strength, who will attempt to slash the players.

The Pinball of the Dead

Strength is the fourth boss in The Pinball of the Dead. Similar to his appearance in 2, Strength wields a chainsaw. During the battle, Strength will wildly swing its chainsaw as he moves around the screen, blocking the player's attack.



Strength is a fast, frantic, and highly dangerous adversary. The beast attacks with swift swipes of his chainsaw, surprise attacks (i.e leaping from the top of labyrinth walls or suddenly smashing them down from behind), or launching axes as projectiles. Because of his highly robust build and the low first-player viewpoint, hitting his weak point (his head) makes for a challenging boss fight.

The best tactic for this boss fight is to repeatedly shoot at Strength's head as he runs towards you, or when the creature raises his chainsaw for a swipe attack. Players must be quick at aim in order to successfully hit him. Always shoot his axe projectiles right away in order to not lose health, and also as an opportunity to quickly shoot his weak point when he stands at the end of the labyrinth.


Strength's first attack pattern consists of chasing the player(s) in the labyrinth in one-by-one combat during the battle, the brute will eventually hide behind and demolish walls to try and surprise them. The second one has him climbing up the walls and leaping down at the player(s), and if they shoot his mask he will be stunned and fall over, then he will keep his distance and throw axes at them, repeating the pattern.

After Strength's health got depleted by two-thirds, he will swing his chainsaw around to protect his head before resuming his pattern. The mutagen that has been injected into him causes his movement speed to increase the more damage he sustains, making the battle increasingly more difficult until he eventually gets put out of his misery.


  • Strength is series director Takashi Oda's favorite boss.[1]
  • Strength appeared in The House of the Dead III's intro.
  • The word "BLAME" is written on the blade of Strength's chainsaw. The same word can be seen on Max's dual chainsaws.
  • Unless one regards its use as an attack by the Emperor, Strength is the only boss in The House of the Dead 2 that does not appear twice besides the Magician and the Emperor, who serve as end-of-game bosses.
  • As Strength continues to be hit, his mask is slowly damaged, revealing a hideous face with bulging eyes and grey teeth.
  • The House of the Dead 4 also features a chainsaw-wielding boss similar to Strength, known as the Empress.
  • Strength bears some resemblance to the Brutus boss from Overkill.
  • Strength can take a small amount of damage by hitting his legs, body, and hands. As a result these are not considered missed shots, and have a positive impact on the player's accuracy score.
  • Much like Temperance, Strength's characteristics in the series are quite the opposite of his namesake tarot card. The tarot card Strength represents a young woman using her calm attitude to tame a lion, while the boss monster is a vicious masculine brute.
  • In The Pinball of the Dead, there is a bug in which Strength may stand in the left corner. This prevents the pinball from coming out, forcing a restart.


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