Type: Type 205

Weakpoint: Head

Featured in: House of the Dead 2

Strength was a huge, masked chainsaw-wielding abomination created by Goldman as a suicidal gladiator to pit against James and Harry. Prior to the boss fight, Strength had confronted and captured Amy Crystal and Harry Harris, severely injuring Harry in the process. The creature is fought in a huge labyrinth concealed in the coliseum. Its head is its weak point.

Strength starts attacking by charging at the agents, attempting to tear them apart with its chainsaw. After repeating this twice, it moves onto its next attacking stages: crashing through walls and attacking with its chainsaw (as a surprise attack), and climbing up onto the labyrinth walls and leaping off them onto the players to attack. After these stages are done a few times, it moves to a safe distance, and hurls two massive axes stuck in it (visible at the beginning of the fight, and at the end if Strength does not throw them) which must be shot down before they hit the players. It will then repeat the first three attacking stages until its health runs low. At this point, it will move much faster, and start protecting its head by swinging its chainsaw around crazily before slashing at the players with the chainsaw. After the abomination is shot enough times at this stage, it collapses and dies. After this, James and Gary meet Amy and Harry back in the cage from where Strength emerged. At this point, Harry gives James the keys to his car located at point A0063.


  • The creature's way of charging at the player(s), how it crashes through walls and the dying actions (spins around lightly then collapses) are similar to the boss Death in the 3rd game.
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