Strength (Type 205) was a huge, masked, chainsaw-wielding abomination created by Goldman as a suicidal gladiator to pit against AMS agents James and Gary. It served as the fourth boss in The House of the Dead 2. Prior to the boss fight, Strength had confronted and captured Amy Crystal and Harry Harris, severely injuring Harry in the process. When James and Gary reached the city's coliseum, Goldman appeared on a large screen and mocked them both, then summoned Strength from within its cage. The creature was fought in a huge labyrinth concealed in the coliseum itself, and its weak point was its head.

Strength began the battle by charging at the agents, attempting to tear them apart with its chainsaw. James and Gary were able to hurt the monstrosity by shooting its vulnerable head, and after a while, Strength started crashing through walls to try and surprise its opponents. As well as this, it would often climb up onto the labyrinth walls and leap down onto the agents. After some time, Strength kept its distance and hurled two massive axes which were stuck in its body (visible at the beginning of the fight, and at the end if Strength does not throw them), which had to be be quickly shot down. Strength's movements became faster as it took damage, and it also started protecting its head by swinging its chainsaw around crazily before slashing. After receiving one bullet too many, the undead giant finally collapsed and died. James and Gary then returned to the cage from where Strength had emerged and were reunited with Amy and Harry. Harry then gave James the keys to his car, located at point A0063.

Strength also appeared as one of the Emperor's attacks.

The Pinball of the Dead

Strength makes an appearance as the fourth boss in The Pinball of the Dead. Similar to its appearance in The House of the Dead 2, Strength wields a chainsaw. During the battle, Strength will wildly swing its chainsaw as it moves around the screen, blocking the player's attack. However, if Strength stands in the left corner, preventing the pinball from coming out, it will inevitably lose by just standing there.


  • Strength's design appears to bear some resemblance to the chainsaw-wielding movie monster Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre film franchise.
  • The word BLAME can be seen written on one side of Strength's chainsaw.
  • Strength is the only boss in House of the Dead 2 that doesn't appear twice (besides the Magician and the Emperor, who serve as end-of-game bosses).
  • As Strength continues to be hit, his mask is slowly damaged, revealing a hideous face with bulging eyes and gray teeth.


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