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Type-8830, codenamed "Sun" (サン San?), was an arboreal-like mutation. Depending on the routes taken by the player, it is the boss of either the second, third, or fourth chapter in The House of the Dead III.

Inhabiting the Bio Lab, Sun attacks with vine-like tendrils (named Sunsun) and serpentine creatures within giant petals. Its weak points are the aforementioned parts of its body, as well as the ring of human faces around its trunk.


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Sun was created in the EFI Research Facility's Bio Lab, as part of experiments to combine human DNA and plant life.[1] In 2019, former AMS agents Thomas Rogan and Dan Taylor investigated the facility's ties to the apocalypse caused by outbreaks of biologically-engineered creatures. After Rogan disappeared, his partner G and daughter Lisa raided the facility to search for him, defeating Sun and other creatures in the process.[2]

Bestiary Overview

Sun is a macabre combination of human, animal, and plant-like elements: its trunk is studded with human faces that vomit blood when shot; its vine-like tendrils attack either directly or from underground; snake-like protrusions reside in the petals, spitting sharp projectiles either in the air or in its prey's face.



Sun is immobile, thus making it susceptible to damage via its human face-ridden trunk. However, the creature's means of defense -- its tentacles, and the serpent-like beings inhabiting it -- evoke the element of surprise, especially to a beginner player. The tentacles are evasive targets as they snake about the battlefield: the serpents can spit spores either in the air or directly into a player's face. Shooting Sun's trunk in between attack phases is the easiest and fastest way to deplete its health bar.


  1. For most of the fight, Sun will randomly perform one of the following phases:
    • Sun sends several tentacles directly at the player. Each tentacle must be shot multiple times in order to defeat it.
    • Several of Sun's tentacles snake around the perimeter of the area, either to the left or right of the player, passing behind pillars. As with the prior phase, each tentacle must be repeatedly shot to keep it from attacking the player.
    • A tentacle burrows through the ground to the player's left or right, moving in random motions before emerging to attack at close range. Shining spots will indicate where the tentacle is located, and can be shot for extra damage before the tentacle emerges.
    • Sun performs the same attack as before, but with two tentacles instead of one.
  2. At low health, a serpent will appear from one of Sun's petals and perform one of two attacks, as long as Sun still has health remaining:
    • The serpent's long neck extends from the petal and close to the camera. After a few seconds, the serpent will spit spores directly into the player's face. Damaging the serpent enough will stop the attack.
    • #The serpent spits spores directly into the air, which will rain down upon the player; the spores must be shot in order to avoid damage. Shooting the serpent enough when it appears will prevent the release of the spores.


  • When Sun attacks with its tentacles or the serpents, it is safer to ignore Sun's trunk and focus fire instead on these threats.


  • It's likely that Sun is named so because not only does it give life and energy to the inhabitants of the Bio Plant, but because G and Lisa move around the monster in a circular path, as a planet would orbit its sun.
  • Sun is the only level-specific boss in the series to be fought midway through the level, as opposed to at the end.
  • Sun may be the only boss who attacks players throughout the whole stage, as the offensive tentacle vines may have been its own given the massive growth of the plant which could have taken over the whole sector.
  • In The Typing of the Dead II, Sun's battle starts with word category selection. Hence, a creature will appear and spits out six spiked seeds which represents choices. Once player(s) finishes typing any one of the six choices, the three vines will first attack as three separate entities (meaning the player must successfully type three words related to the category that the player first selected) before attacking all at once. For the latter attack, there are three options to a question which the player(s) must type the correct answer within a time limit. For the dual whips attack, their respective words can only be typed when they are lit. If the creature comes out, its respective word must be typed within a time limit and without any mistakes.


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