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Splendid... The moment when existence turns to nothingness in a flash of brilliance... Nothing is more beautiful than the moment of death...

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Sword Dance Sonata (剣舞奏鳴曲 Kenbu sōmeikyoku?) is the second chapter of Vampire Night. It is associated with Bathe'lemy.

Branching Paths

There are three branching paths. The first path requires two actions. First, the player to shoot the Velocipher before it drags Caroline down from the bridge. Second, the player must not shoot the flimsy door to continue the lower path (alternatively, the player do not kill two Velociphers before they scroll off the screen). The second path requires the same first action but for the second action, the player must shoot the flimsy door to head to the roof. The third path requires the Velocipher to drag Caroline down from the bridge.


Vampire hunters Michel and Albert arrived at a village and fight their way through the vampires while saving villagers who are infested by a parasitic Sarcoma. Arriving at the village square, A group of Velochipers confront them only for Bathe'lemy himself to appear and order his minions to withdraw. Impressed by the hunters' skill, Bathe'lemy drew his sword and challenged the hunters to a duel, chasing them through the village. Having finally cornered the hunters, Bathe'lemy transformed into his true form, only to be defeated by the hunters. Reverting back to his human form, Bathe'lemy questioned why did they chose to protect the humans, before finally succumbing to his wounds.


Official Artwork

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