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This is just great... It's absorbing our attacks!

Type-0483, codenamed "Temperance" (テンパランス, Tenparansu?), was an obese tattooed behemoth. It is the fourth boss of The House of the Dead 4.

Invulnerable to gunfire due to its weight, Temperance would attempt to crush, punch, and bite its prey. Its weak point was its head, though shooting it would only stun him as opposed to inflicting damage.


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Temperance was one of several creatures unleashed by the late Caleb Goldman, the financier of Dr. Curien's research, in a posthumous 2003 outbreak. Veteran AMS agent James Taylor and newcomer Kate Green conducted an investigation, discovering a plot to launch nuclear missiles worldwide in the process.

Leaving the subway for the infested streets, the agents were ambushed by Temperance. Noticing that the creature's body was absorbing their bullets, James and Kate lured it to the top of a clock tower. From there, they dropped a giant clock face on Temperance's head, killing the creature.


The House of the Dead 4

Temperance is an giant obese humanoid with sharp teeth, glowing-red eyes, and tattoos. It wears stretch pants, shoes, and a single fingerless glove ridden with spikes. 

In combat, Temperance's gelatinous fat protects it from damage. When pursuing the player(s) in the city streets, it attempts to belly flop or roll into them. Later, when they traverse a clock tower, Temperance stalks them through windows in an attempt to punch them. 

The behemoth can only be killed by blunt trauma to its head, as it will be killed once the player(s) drops a massive clock face on its head.

Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX

Temperance makes a few cameo appearances in Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX.

In the Zombie Sumo mini-game, he can be seen as a spectator eating from an oversized bucket of food amongst a crowd of other creatures. When the player(s) do well enough in the game, he will cheer them on along with the rest of the crowd and his bucket will disappear.

In the Zombie Bowling mini-game, the player(s) shoot a bowling ball to move and steer it towards pins. At the end of the lane, Temperance will swallow any hit pins along with the ball before the player(s) take another shot.



Unlike the previous three bosses in The House of the Dead 4, Temperance has three unique properties:

  • It can't be killed by gunfire.
  • Most of its attack phases will not restart if the player(s) fails to stop them.
  • The encounter is a hybrid between a boss fight and a normal level, with players ascending a creature-filled clock tower to defeat it in the final Quick Time Event.

The creature itself uses roll attacks and the environment to make shooting its weak point difficult.


  1. After standing briefly, Temperance will stomp after the player(s) as the camera moves backwards. After three stomps, the creature will jump to crush the agents below.
  2. Temperance repeats the previous phase, but without standing briefly prior to moving.
  3. Temperance curls up into a ball and rolls forwards, stopping two times in the middle of the attack. After two stops, it will continue rolling and damage the players.
  4. Temperance repeats the previous phase, but rolls backwards.
  5. In the clock tower, after battling hordes of creatures on the first floor, the player(s) ascend to the second. Temperance's face appears through the windows, popping in and out of frame. After doing in three times, upon its fourth appearance, Temperance will punch the player(s).
  6. Temperance repeats the previous phase, albeit only showing its face twice. Upon its third appearance, Temperance will punch the player(s).
  7. After defeating another creature horde on the top floor, the agents approach a lever as Temperance appears. Finish the Quick Time Event fast enough to release the lever and drop a clock face on Temperance, killing the creature. If the player(s) fail to do so quickly, Temperance will bite the player(s) and the phase restarted.


  • Grenades can help stop Temperance's rolling attacks, particularly the second variant in which it rolls backwards.


Temperance was designed by Nobuto Iwao, as with the rest of The House of the Dead 4's bosses.[1] Inspired by its namesake cardinal virtue, which concerns self-restraint and sobriety, the development team arrived at Temperance's overweight appearance from the idea that an unrestricted diet would cause obesity. As part of their efforts to make each boss encounter unique, Temperance makes "full use" of the game's force feedback system.[2]


  • Temperance is the third boss in the series (after Strength and Justice) to share a name with a cardinal virtue.
  • Temperance is the first boss in The House of the Dead series that cannot be damaged by firearms or grenades (quite fitting, as the cardinal virtue of Temperance implies a lot of endurance). This was followed by The High Priestess and The Moon, both from House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn.
  • Out of all the bosses returning from The House of the Dead 4, he is the only one to pose no threat to players, let alone impede their progress, in EX.


Official artwork



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  2. SILICONERA STAFF (April 16, 2012). "How Sega Created Bosses For The House Of The Dead 4" (English). Archived from the original on March 20, 2020. “...the name of the stage four boss, Temperance, literally means ‘restrict from something.’ We came to the idea that if you did not restrict food you would become overweight, which led to the design. From this initial profile, we created a suitable attack method for this large body type—rolling. We also made full use of the game’s unique force feedback system with Temperance. Overall, we tried to make each boss encounter a unique experience for the player.”
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