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This is just great... It's absorbing our attacks!

Type-0483, codenamed "Temperance" (テンパランス, Tenparansu?), is an obese tattooed behemoth. It is the fourth boss in The House of the Dead 4.

Temperance attempts to crush, punch, and bite its prey. The creature's body invulnerable to gunfire; its head -- its weak point -- must be shot to stall attacks.

Bestiary Overview

Temperance is an giant obese humanoid with sharp teeth, glowing-red eyes, and tattoos. It wears stretch pants, shoes, and a single fingerless glove ridden with spikes. 

In combat, Temperance's gelatinous fat protects it from damage. When pursuing the players in the city streets, it attempts to belly flop or roll into them. Later, when they traverse a clock tower, Temperance stalks them through windows in an attempt to punch them. 

The behemoth can only be killed by blunt trauma; players must ultimately Temperance's fight culminates with players dropping a massive clock face on its head. 


The House of the Dead 4

Temperance was one of several creatures unleashed by the late Caleb Goldman, head of the DBR Corporation and financier of Dr. Roy Curien's research, in a posthumous 2003 outbreak. Veteran AMS agent James Taylor and newcomer Kate Green investigated the outbreak. In the process, they discovered a plot to launch nuclear missiles worldwide.

Taking the subway to the zombie-infested streets, the agents were ambushed by Temperance. Upon realizing that the creature's body was absorbing their bullets, James and Kate lured it to the top of a clock tower; there, they dropped a giant clock face on Temperance's head, killing the creature.

Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX

Temperance makes a cameo appearance in the third chapter's Zombie Bowling mini-game. Players shoot a bowling ball to move and steer it towards pins; Temperance will appear behind the pins and swallow the ball.


  • Sega designed Temperance to be ironic; the creature is a giant relentless glutton, yet its namesake cardinal virtue involves self-restraint and sobriety.[1]
  • Temperance is the third boss in the series (after Strength and Justice) to share a name with a cardinal virtue.
  • Temperance is the first boss in the House of the Dead series that cannot be damaged by firearms or grenades (quite fitting, as the cardinal virtue of Temperance implies a lot of endurance). This was followed by Priestess and Moon, both from House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn.
  • Temperance shares the same ability as Mr.Heart from Fist of the North Star.



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