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Terminus of All (全ての終着駅, Subete no shuuchaku-eki?) is the fourth episode of Zombie Revenge.


Marco Cloud flies agents Stick Breitling, Linda Rotta, and Rikiya Busujima to where ZED would further spread the virus -- a runaway train on the South Union Railway, headed for Cassandra, which is also rigged with explosives. He drops them off on the front-most passenger carriage, monitoring their activities for a few moments before he leaves.

The agents fight across the train towards the driver carriage, when UDS-07 suddenly breaks out and attacks them. After they defeat it, they immediately head into the car to stop the train from crashing, making it grind to a halt just as it reaches the end of the line in Cassandra.

Getting off the train, they clear out more zombies and, later, enter a room where green sludge oozes from the walls. UDS-06B soon emerges, the sight of which causes Linda to sink to her knees, and a battle follows. Shortly after its defeat, ZED floats down slowly to meet with them. He starts by taunting mankind for using the dead as weapons, then speaks of a "God of Destruction" killing all humans before dawn. Stick brushes his latter remarks off as "nonsense", whereas Linda, in response, breaks down and cries, sulking if their pursuit of ZED was in vain.

Moments later, ZED floods the room with knockout gas that affects everyone, except for him, proclaiming that Stick "especially, must suffer". Before Stick can ask ZED any more, he is rendered unconscious along with the other agents.

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