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The Dawn (夜明け。。。, yoake?) is the seventh and final episode of Zombie Revenge.


Agents Stick Breitling, Linda Rotta, and Rikiya Busujima, seeming unaffected by their fall, awake on an elevator descending towards ZED's underground lair. When they reach the bottom, they make their way across a bottomless abyss, running on big cubes which join together and disperse the deeper they go, re-fighting a few bosses in the process.

They finally reach ZED at the end on a massive platform, who plans to set the "God of Destruction" in his body free. He attempts to kill them in his normal form, but fails and feebly asks "why do [they] still want to live" as he drops dead. Before the agents can approach his body, however, it explodes and he finishes transforming into the "God of Destruction", Black Magician, subsequently bringing them all to an endless vortex.

ZED attacks the agents ferociously and continuously in his new form, ultimately developing new powers stemming from the card they chose long ago. Despite putting up a harder fight, he is still defeated, causing his body to burn up and slowly disintegrate.

The agents finally arrive in a desert, sitting by the side of a road. Stick is about to dwell on his past, but Busujima stops him. Marco Cloud comes by in his helicopter moments later, telling them of a ship being hijacked, and they all prepare to leave.


  • The ending sequence is somewhat reminiscent of that of the original The House of the Dead, with the camera panning back through almost all the areas in the game as morning appears. Only the South Union Railway and Cassandra are missing.
  • Although it was shown being demolished in Episode 3, the Chemical Plant during the ending sequence is seen completely intact.
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