That thing is getting closer! Hurry!

Kate Green while fleeing from the Empress.[src]

Type-1210, codenamed the "Empress" (エンプレス En puresu?), was an agile assassin-like creature wielding a double-ended chainsaw. It[note 1] is the third boss of The House of the Dead 4 and the spin-off Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX.

The Empress could slice apart the environment (and victims) with its chainsaw, which also deflects bullets. Its weak point was its head.


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The Empress was one of several creatures unleashed by the late Caleb Goldman, the financier of Dr. Curien's research, in a posthumous 2003 outbreak.

AMS agents James Taylor and Kate Green battled the outbreak underground; after discovering a plot to launch nuclear missiles, the pair fought to the surface. While taking the subway to a shopping district, the Empress ambushed them on the train. Upon defeat, the creature fell through an open doorway onto the opposite track, where another speeding train ran it over.


The Empress is a large, armored, blue-skinned creature with glowing-red eyes. Its double-ended chainsaw can be pulled apart into two separate chainsaws. With the exception of its head, the creature's body is invulnerable to gunfire.

Despite the chainsaw's size, the Empress can make great leaps and bounds as well as cling to surfaces.

Other appearances

Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX

The Empress is the boss of the third chapter. She pursues Zobio and Zobiko in a subway. The boss fight is a mini-game in which players use the cabinet's footpetal to dodge obstacles and the Empress' attacks.



Empress' boss fight is similar in style to Strength's from The House of the Dead 2. Both are chainsaw wielding assassins that ruthlessly pursue the player(s) through a scripted trajectory, using their speed, durability and the power of their weapons to brutally attack. However, Empress' boss fight is also filled with obstacles that must be overcome: such as creatures that block the path or leap onto the train while Empress is on the prowl.

While fast and persistent, Empress can either be challenging or fairly easy depending on the ability for the player(s) to keep their aim accurate.


  1. Empress will surprise the agents on the train by cutting off the back wall and leaping into the train. As Kate and James run to the door connecting to another cabin, a door Empress will have cut off from the wall launches towards the agents and traps them against the wall. The player(s) must shake their gun loose and Empress makes her way menacingly over. As soon as the gun is free, the player(s) must begin shooting Empress before the agents run into the adjoining cabin.
  2. Creatures will be blocking the path, so shoot these down as soon as possible to avoid taking damage from them. The agents will run forward before turning around to face Empress again. Shoot its weak point to drain its health bar to 3/4. The agents will then run into the next car.
  3. The agents will face off to the right to see another train full of creatures pacing theirs. Shoot the ones holding axes to avoid taking damage. You can hit the others to gain extra points. The agents will move forward again before turning to face Empress. The creature will begin ripping apart chairs and other shrapnel that will launch towards the player(s) and cause damage if not shot at quickly. Keep shooting at Empress' weak point to drain its health bar to 1/2 health. The agents will then move forward again.
  4. When in the next car, the agents will looks up only to see Empress standing on the roof of the train and sawing it away, her chainsaw sticking through the roof and pointing downward towards the Agents below. The agents will move slowly backwards and Empress creeps closer. Shoot her weak point. She will disappear briefly before the agents attempt to progress forward, only to be blocked by Empress' chainsaw sawing through the side of the train, getting close to them once again. As she moves closer, shoot her weak point through the broken windows to avoid her attack. It will leap to the other side of the train and begin sawing through the wall again. As before, keep the cross hair on its weak point to end this attack. The agents will head into the next cabin.
  5. Empress will cut down part of the ceiling and fall into the car. It will swing its arms frantically around, attempting to hit the player(s) with the butt of its chainsaws. When shot to 1/4 health, it will use both its chainsaws to erratically swipe at the player(s). The creature will back off before pursuing forward once again. Shoot it in the eyes to end the attack and the fight.


  • Empress provides plenty of pauses in its boss fight where the player(s) can hit its weak point while it isn't attacking. Take advantage of these times.
  • Some of Empress' more powerful attacks can be quickly cut short if the player(s) keep shooting at its eyes.
  • If conserving health, the only creatures that need to be shot in the train across are the axe creatures that throw their axes as weapons. The rest will stand idly and do no harm.


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  1. Despite its feminine name, the Empress' gender is never confirmed in the main House of the Dead series canon. It is explicitly depicted as female only in the non-canonical spin-off Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX, with a more feminine character model.
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