Type-1210, codenamed "The Empress," (エンプレス) is a swift and agile assassin that pursued Kate and James. While she possesses a lean blue body (and glowing red eyes), the Empress is surprisingly strong, able to lift her almost-comically oversized double-ended chainsaw and using it to slice through the subway cars of the train she is fought in. She weakly resembles the Emperor, although her power pales in comparison. Her entire body is invulnerable to damage, but shooting her head will cause her to recoil. Some fans also say that the Empress almost completely resembles Strength. Despite the aforementioned titanic chainsaw, she can make great bounds and leaps as well as cling to a variety of surfaces.

Taking the subway into zombie-infested streets from an underground shopping district, the agents narrowly avoid attacks by Type-1210. The Empress takes advantage of the train by attacking while her vulnerable head is sometimes covered as she moves closer to the agents. The sleek blue creature silently reassured the agents of her purpose as she tore through the subway cars one by one attempting to kill them. The Empress makes no attempt to hide her athletic prowess as she leaps from the interior to the exterior of the subway train, tearing it up as she goes. Eventually, reaching the end of the train, she makes one final mad dash at the agents, but is swiftly put down through a hail of gunfire. Mortally wounded, she falls through an open doorway onto the opposite track, where she is run over by a speeding train going the other way.

Bestiary Overview

The beast must have been the successor to the Strength boss. She is protected by a blue transparent skin texture that act's as its physical armor. She has glowing red eyes and carries a titanic chainsaw. Similar to Strength, her weakpoint is her head and her chainsaw-wielding skills make it difficult to aim for the head.


  • Despite being named the Empress and possessing similar characteristics to the Emperor, Type 1210 appears to be more closely related to Strength from HOTD2. In fact, before their mutations, the Empress and Strength might have been related.
  • Despite the name, it is unknown if the Empress is female or not. Although, the pain grunts may seem to suggest so.


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