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The House of the Dead: Nightmare (死者の家:悪夢 Shisha no ie: Akumu?) is a horror-themed mobile game developed by Sega. It is an adaptation of the 1996 rail shooter The House of the Dead. The game's official release date remains unknown.


Nightmare features much of the same storyline as the original game, with AMS agent Thomas Rogan investigating the Curien Mansion for disappearances of DBR Corporation research staff, including his fiancée Sophie Richards.



AMS agent Thomas Rogan killing a creature, while another is attacking a civilian.

Nightmare deviates from the original 1996 game by being set from a top-down perspective. The player, as Thomas Rogan, must navigate 4 stages. Each stage tasks the player with fighting creatures, rescuing DBR researchers, and ultimately defeating a boss.

Rogan moves through the world on a predefined path; the player can only control his aim, with Rogan firing automatically whenever an enemy or destructible object is in his line of fire (represented by a transparent cone appearing in front of him).


  • G, Rogan's partner from the original game, is noticeably absent.


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