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The House of the Dead: Remake (ザ・ハウス・オブ・ザ・デッド:リメイク, Za Hausu obu za Deddo: Rimeiku?)[note 1] is a horror-themed rail shooting game licensed by Sega, developed by MegaPixel Studio, and published by Forever Entertainment.[1] It is a remake of Sega AM1's 1996 arcade game The House of the Dead.

Set in December 1998, the game follows AMS agents Thomas Rogan and G as they face hostile biologically-engineered creatures in the mansion of Dr. Curien, a mad scientist.

MegaPixel wanted to modernize The House of the Dead's graphics and gameplay. The game was fully remade in Unity, as its source code is lost. Mouse and gyro controls were used in lieu of a light gun peripheral. Sega, who receives half the revenue, helped MegaPixel.[1][2][3][4][5]

The House of the Dead: Remake was revealed on April 14th, 2021 as a Nintendo Switch exclusive.[2] It was delayed from the end of 2021[3] to April 7th, 2022.[6] Versions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia were released on April 28th.[7] Microids and Forever Limited developed physical editions of the game.[8][9]

The game received mixed reviews, with criticism for its controls, performance issues, new soundtrack, and lack of an official light gun peripheral. Post-launch, Forever Entertainment has released patches for the game based on player feedback.

A remake of The House of the Dead 2 is in development.[1]




Dr. Curien, research director of the DBR Corporation, is driven insane by his efforts to control life and death. On December 18th, 1998, he releases hostile biologically-engineered creatures upon his own research team. Researcher Sophie Richards sends a urgent phone message to her fiancée, AMS agent Thomas Rogan.

Magician awakening in the BioReactor.

Two days later, Rogan and his partner G arrive at the Curien Mansion, which they find overrun with Curien's creatures. The agents reunite with Sophie, but she is kidnapped by Hangedman, a bat-human hybrid, and later seemingly killed by the armored behemoth Chariot. Rogan and G defeat both creatures and, after briefly confronting Curien, the insectoid Hermit.

Curien escapes to an underground research center. He activates Magician, an armored humanoid with mastery of fire. However, Magician kills Curien, declaring that he has no master. Rogan and G defeat Magician, who, before exploding, warns that the ordeal is not over. As they leave the Curien Mansion, the agents bid Sophie and Curien farewell.[note 2]


There are three endings based on the player's performance:

Image Criteria Description
Score under 62,000 points with a ones digit of any number except 0. The mansion is shown in the distance.
Score under 62,000 points with a ones digit of 0. The mansion doors open; Sophie appears as a creature. Other creatures wander in Curien Mansion's foyer.
Score over 62,000 points. The canon ending.[10] The mansion doors open; an alive Sophie runs at the camera, exclaiming "Thank you!"




The player attacking two Kageos and a Bourbon with an assault rifle.

The House of the Dead: Remake is a rail shooter in which up to two players shoot creatures, rescue researchers, collect bonus items, and battle bosses. The game retains the original House of the Dead's multiple endings and branching paths[11] As with the original, the player loses lives from enemy attacks and accidentally shooting researchers. Extra lives, as well as score bonuses, are awarded by shooting background objects and rescuing researchers.

The Nintendo Switch version features analog controls, gyro aiming, and combined controls. Gyro works for both a single Joy-Con controller or a pair of them, with sensitivity options and aim assist offered.[5] The PlayStation 4 version supports the PlayStation Move peripheral.[12]

The remake introduces an armory with unlockable weapons.[11] Assault rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers, pitters and crossbows can be obtained in addition to the default pistol.[13]

Both "classic" and "modern" versions of the scoring system are offered. The player can select between easy, normal, hard, and arcade difficulties, which give the player more or less lives. The harder the difficulty selected, the more points the player can earn.[5]

A remake features a new game mode, Horde Mode, which has up to the 15 times more enemies on-screen.[2] Other features include leaderboards, achievements, cheat codes, a photo mode, and a gallery that shows the names, 3D models, descriptions, and weak points of creatures.[11]

The Switch's "docked" and "handheld" modes have frame rates of 60 and 30, respectively. Both modes have a resolution of 720p.[2]



Promotional flyer for the North American arcade release of The House of the Dead.

The House of the Dead is a 1996 horror-themed rail shooter developed by Sega's AM1 arcade division. The game was a success, launched a franchise, and was credited for popularizing zombies in the media.[14] The game was ported to the Sega Saturn and Microsoft Windows in 1998 with downgraded graphics,[15] and was omitted from the 2008 compilation The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return.[16]

In 2019, Polish game publisher Forever Entertainment pitched a House of the Dead remake to Sega.[2][4][5] Forever Entertainment wanted to revive dormant IP, and had begun remaking the Sega game Panzer Dragoon.[4] Sega licensed The House of the Dead and its sequel to the company on September 25th, 2019.[1]

The House of the Dead: Remake was developed by MegaPixel Studio and TA Publishing, subsidiaries of Forever Entertainment.[1] The game shared staff with Panzer Dragoon: Remake, including producers Artur Grzegorczyn and Benjamin Anseaume.[2][4]


Concept artwork of three creatures (Bentley, Samson, and Burner) in the remake.

Sega did not develop or publish the remake,[5] but shared materials and feedback with MegaPixel.[4][17] They advised the team to take inspiration from House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn.[17] Series director Takashi Oda and Scarlet Dawn producer Masakatsu Watanabe are credited in the remake.

For research, MegaPixel played The House of the Dead on real hardware and emulators.[2] They also consulted the game's official guidebook and fan websites.[17] Sega wanted no changes to the story, and difficulty options for players of all skill levels.[18]

According to MegaPixel, Sega lost The House of the Dead's source code; thus, the entire game needed to be remade.[2] MegaPixel was unable to rip the original assets, citing legal and technical issues.[2] A "nostalgia mode" with low-poly graphics was discussed, but never implemented.[2]


The House of the Dead: Remake was developed alongside multiple other games by Forever Entertainment.[19] MegaPixel worked remotely on the remake during the COVID-19 pandemic. Inspired by Panzer Dragoon: Remake's production, they tested the remake on four platforms to avoid delays.[2]

The remake was developed in the Unity game engine.[2] Unity's rendering was "inefficient", which caused PlayStation VR support to be scrapped.[18] MegaPixel also had trouble optimizing the game.[4] They used a new rendering system for PC, with other platforms using an older system. This created more work and uncertainty over costs.[18]

As Forever Entertainment is a leading publisher for the Nintendo Switch, the remake was made a timed exclusive for the console.[2][20] While the Switch version's graphics were downgraded,[18] MegaPixel targeted a higher frame rate and resolution than Panzer Dragoon: Remake.[2]

With no light gun made for the game, MegaPixel explored other control methods. They were unable to have PlayStation VR Aim Controller support, as it is VR-exclusive.[18] Artur Grzegorczyn stated that it was "tricky" mimicking a light gun with the Switch's gyro controls.[2] MegaPixel included options so that players may customize the controls to their liking.[2][4] The producers did not worry about control-related backlash.[2]

Toggleable enemy blood colors were initially confirmed,[2][21] but later removed.[22] Enemies instead have either red or green blood, depending on the type of enemy.[23] Grzegorczyn stated that this was because of the lore of the original game.[17] In a later update, the toggleable colors were added back in.[24] The Japanese version was given a CERO D rating, and censors the ability for the player to kill researchers. Two achievements were removed as a result.[25]

Voice actress Natalie Roers, who had worked with Benjamin Anseaume on Fear Effect Sedna,[17] was in charge of casting.[5] Roers wanted better voice acting to compliment the updated visuals.[26][27] Sébastien Poncelet composed a new soundtrack for the remake.[28] MegaPixel excluded Tetsuya Kawauchi's original soundtrack, as licensing it was "complicated".[17]


Forever Entertainment's October 2019 tweet confirming the signing of the agreement to remake the first two House of the Dead games.

The agreement signing between Forever Entertainment and SEGA Holding Co., Ltd. was reported by Polish news site Graczposolita,[29] who TA Publishing CEO Benjamin Anseaume alleged had "leaked" the news.[30] Forever Entertainment confirmed the information on October 3rd, 2019.[31]

Zbigniew Dębicki claimed in November 2019 that the remake would premiere in 2020,[32] which was corroborated by Forever Entertainment's 2020 premiere schedule.[33] However, on January 22nd, 2021, Forever Entertainment tweeted that the House of the Dead remakes are still in development.[34]

On February 2nd, 2021, a blank Twitter account for The House of the Dead: Remake was created,[35] and the domain was registered by Forever Entertainment. A member of the company confirmed on their Discord server that the Twitter account is official.[36]

The remake was officially revealed during the Nintendo Indie World Showcase on April 14th, 2021.[3] A photo of people playing the game was tweeted by the remake account on October 22nd, 2021.[37]

The ESRB rated the remake's Switch version in early November 2021,[13] and the Stadia version in February 2022.[38]


On April 14th, 2021, during a montage at the end of the 2021 Nintendo Indie World Showcase, a few seconds of gameplay footage for The House of the Dead: Remake were shown. After the presentation, the remake's Twitter account shared a full trailer and invited viewers to join Forever Entertainment's Discord server.[3]

The Twitter account remained mostly inactive afterwards, sharing a photo of people playing the game on October 22nd, 2021.[39] In 2022, the account began tweeting concept artwork and in-game screenshots, counting down the days to the premiere.

On March 17th, 2022, The House of the Dead: Remake's Twitter account shared screenshots of the creature gallery, where it was discovered that Hermit's biography was plagiarized from The Wiki of the Dead.[40][41] The wiki and other House of the Dead community members were added to the game credits out of apology.[42]


PC fan patches

Following The House of the Dead: Remake's launch on Steam, fans released unofficial patches to improve aspects of the game. Mystery Wizard patched in support for the the Sinden Lightgun and Gun4IR PC light guns. Two player gameplay is possible, though there are limitations, such as an inability to switch weapons.[43]

Tuglaw released a patch that restores Tatsuya Kawauchi's soundtrack,[44] while Trexx45 published one which includes remixed versions of the music.[45]


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  1. The game title is stylized on some websites as THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD: Remake.
  2. In single player, only Rogan (player 1) or G (player 2) will appear, and some dialogue is altered or removed. Because the lore has both agents being involved, multiplayer is assumed to have the canon version of the story.
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