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For the video game of the same name, see The House of the Dead (1996 video game).

The House of the Dead (ザ・ハウス・オブ・ザ・デッド Za Hausu obu za Deddo?) is a horror media franchise owned by Sega. It consists of video games, comics, films, and merchandise.

The main video game series, directed by Takashi Oda, consists of rail shooters for arcades and home consoles. It began with the 1996 release of The House of the Dead, which has been followed by several sequels. Numerous spin-offs also exist -- often with different storylines -- with little involvement by Oda in development.[1]


The franchise involves the creation of hostile biologically-engineered lifeforms by scientists, bioterrorists, and other shadowy entities, who then mastermind incidents for varying reasons. Opposing them are human survivors, most commonly agents of a government organization known as AMS.


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There have been many characters throughout the House of the Dead series. The recurring characters are:


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