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The House of the Dead 1 & 2 Music Collection is album containing the soundtracks of The House of the Dead and The House of the Dead 2, on vinyl records. It was announced by Cartridge Thunder on August 16th, 2021, with pre orders available two days later.[1]


The albums will be available either separately or in a combined box set.[1] The latter will feature a hardcover slip case with artwork of the Curien Mansion and Magician, in addition to spot gloss logos.[2] The album artwork is by illustrator Alex Pei.[3]

The House of the Dead's music will be from the Sega Saturn port of the game. Cartridge Thunder attempted to include the arcade version's music in the album, but it was ultimately excluded.[4]

Cartridge Thunder, Black Screen Records, PixelCrib, and the Setagaya, Tokyo location of Disk Union will sell the albums.[1] A "Curien Splatter" record color will be exclusively available in box sets sold by Cartridge Thunder.[5]

The House of the Dead fansite The Website of the Dead teamed with Cartridge Thunder for a giveaway of a "Curien Splatter" box set. To be eligible, participants needed to follow both accounts on Twitter in addition to liking and retweeting The Website of the Dead's post. The giveaway ended on August 23rd, 2021.[6]

Additional box sets are available starting on October 7th, 2021.[7]



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