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The House of the Dead III Perfect Guide (ザ・ハウス・オブ・ザ・デッド3 パーフェクトガイド 死者の家IIIパーフェクトガイド?) is an official guidebook for the Xbox version of The House of the Dead III. It was released on January of 2003 by Famitsu Xbox.


The guidebook contains in-depth discussion of levels, gameplay mechanics, creatures, bosses, and high score strategies. It ends with a short guide for The House of the Dead 2

Secret File (pp. 21, 29, 35, 41, 47, 53, 63, 69, 74)

Throughout the guide, there are nine "Secret File" pages that contain lore on characters, locations, and events, as well as concept artwork and developer comments. The following is a list explaining what each Secret File covers.

01: Covers Thomas Rogan and the EFI Research Facility.

02: Covers Lisa Rogan and the EFI Research Facility's entrance.

03: Covers G, the EFI Genome Ward, and the DBR Institute.

04: Contains more artwork (both developmental and official) of Lisa and G, along with concept art for weapons, items, and other unknown concepts.

05: Covers Dan Taylor, the AMS, Thomas Rogan's organization, the L2 BIO Plant, and the L3 BIO Lab.

06: Covers Daniel Curien and the 1998 Curien Mansion incident.

07: Covers Dr. Curien and the Information Systems Department (comprised of east and west wings).

08: Most of the page contains a tree diagram featuring every character mentioned previously as well as Sophie Richards from The House of the Dead, and James Taylor, Gary Stewart, Harry Harris, Amy Crystal, and Caleb Goldman (simply referred to as "Goldman" here) from The House of the Dead 2.

Notably, the diagram confirms two things: Lisa and Dan are not affiliated with the AMS, despite the former wearing an AMS name tag; and Sophie Richards canonically survived the Curien Mansion incident, married Thomas Rogan, and is Lisa's biological mother. The House of the Dead series director Takashi Oda has corroborated the latter information.[1]

The label connecting Dr. Curien and Goldman indicates that they had an unknown level of involvement with each other. Curien and Rogan, as well as Amy and Goldman, are intrinsically linked with the label "hostile".

Below the tree diagram are on-the-set images from the 2003 Uwe Boll film House of the Dead, in which then-CEO of Sega of America Peter Moore and then-president of Wow Entertainment Rikiya Nakagawa make cameo appearances as zombies. There is also a brief entry on the then-unidentified "Mystery Man" character from one of III's endings.

09: Contains concept art of the bosses Death, Sun, and Wheel of Fate, as well as the creatures Mokin, Pico, and Ebitan. The bottom of the page also has information on the Level 4 Lab.



  1. Kori (September 7, 2012). "Website of the Dead’s Exclusive Interview with Takashi Oda". The Website of the Dead. Archived from the original on April 19, 2020. “Sophie did survive, and she is the mother of Lisa Rogan in The House of the Dead 3.”
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