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The House of the Dead Official Guide (ザ・ハウス・オブ・ザ・デッド オフィシャルガイド , Shisha no ie koshiki gaido?) is an official guidebook for the Sega Saturn version of The House of the Dead. It was published by SoftBank Corp. and Sega Enterprises on March 31st, 1998.


The guide is 95 pages long and includes strategies, lore, interviews, and artwork used in The House of the Dead. It contains a sub-story, nine chapters labelled under the "Contents" page on page 5, level and boss strategies, character biographies, and artwork. The in-game screenshots are from the Sega Saturn prototype.

Like another, similar guide for the Japanese release Sega Saturn release, creatures are erroneously referred to as "zombies" and "the undead".

Background and Sub-Story (pp. 2-3)

The first two pages of the guide are dedicated to fleshing out the background of the Curien Mansion Case. Dr. Curien's (erroneously referred to as Dr. Curian) background is discussed at length. The sub-story is included on page 3.

Contents (pg. 5)

Contains table of contents with their according pages.

Character Introductions (pp. 6-11)

This section contains biographical information for AMS agents Thomas Rogan, G, Rogan's fiancee and DBR researcher Sophie Richards, and Dr. Curien, the mastermind behind the incident.

Initial Setting Document (pg. 12)

This page shows concept artwork and characters that were removed before the final release of the game. It includes prototype artwork of Thomas Rogan and G, "Dr. A", Curien's original name, and scrapped AMS agents Mr. Happy, Carole (Sophie's equivalent), and Playboy.

System Description (pp. 13-23)

This chapter, named "System Description", gives instructions on how the game is played, what controllers are compatible, the different modes the game offers (Arcade Mode, Saturn Mode, and Boss Mode), strategies on how to correctly take down enemies, scoring, and the possible endings that can be achieved based on the player's performance.

Basic Technique (pp. 24-27)

Discusses weak points and enemy patterns.

Stages (pp. 28-77)

The longest piece of content in the guide, this chapter contains 4 sub-sections that discuss each four levels of the game in length. The following sub-chapters are:

  1. Tragedy
  2. Revenge
  3. Truth
  4. The house of the dead

Each sub-chapter shows maps, enemies, and sections of the levels (labelled with the corresponding number of the chapter and a letter) to highlight strategies and alternative routes the players can follow. Each chapter ends covering the boss fight and how each phases of the fights will play out.

Enemy File (pp. 78-91)

Contains entries on each creature encountered in the game. HP, physical appearance, and combat tips are given for each enemy.

Damage Table (pp. 92-93)

Several tables shown give different "damage plants" on enemies. All the games' enemies are names with a corresponding table that highlights which parts of their anatomy take a certain percentage of damage, as well as showing the best parts to hit.

Game Difficulty (pp. 94-95)

Contains the modes of difficulty that can be selected in-game.


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