Type-6805, codenamed "The Lovers" (ラヴァース Ravāsu?), was a creature consisting of a small male tarantula connected to a larger female.[1] Together, they are the second boss of The House of the Dead 4.

The male tarantula slashed prey with his massive spiked legs, while the female could bite prey, trap them in webbing, and give birth to attacking offspring named Taran (タラン Taran?). The Lovers' weak point was the male spider's head.


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The Lovers were one of several creatures unleashed by the late Caleb Goldman, the financier of Dr. Curien's research, in a posthumous 2003 outbreak. Goldman sought using the creatures to counteract human overpopulation, thus protecting nature.

AMS agents James Taylor and Kate Green battled the outbreak underground. Although not yet aware of his involvement, they discovered Goldman's plan to launch nuclear missiles worldwide. The agents took a construction elevator to the surface, but the Lovers ambushed them and broke the lift. James and Kate killed the Lovers -- which fell to their deaths in a crevice -- but were forced to take a detour through the subway.


The Lovers are a conjoined pair of massive tarantulas. Like Judgment from The House of the Dead 2, they share a bond; all harm to the male spider (which serves as the duo's weak point) is also inflicted on the female. Their exoskeleton is largely invulnerable, with the male using his legs to block gunfire.

The tarantulas pursue players in a construction elevator, climbing the girders to attack. The female can produce a swarm of Tarans, baby spiders which latch on the screen for a bite attack and die in one shot.

While the male tarantula serves as the Lovers' weak point, shooting the female tarantula's abdomen inflicts chip damage.

Other appearances

The Lovers make a cameo appearance in a mini-game for Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX, involving using the foot petal to stomp spiders.



Both spiders forming the Lovers contribute different, yet equally dangerous attacks in combat: the male spider -- the pair's weak point -- guards itself and slashes with its giant talons, while the female snares the player(s) in webbing or produces a group of hostile Tarans (baby spiders). The fight is scripted, but the Lovers' cancel bar must be depleted in each phase in order to advance to the next.


  1. As James and Kate enter the construction elevator, they are trapped inside as one of the Lovers' talons appears; this triggers a quick time event in which the player(s) must shake the gun quickly to escape. Failure to do so results in damage and the phase restarting. James and Kate will leap to the lift as the fight begins.
  2. The camera points down through a hole in the middle of the lift. The Lovers climb upwards after the player(s); after three steps, they will attack on the fourth.
  3. The camera moves to the side of the lift and pans down, where the Lovers climb and attack like the last phase, but upside down.
  4. The Lovers grab the lift. The female spider produces a group of Tarans which emerge through the middle of the lift. Tarans wander aimlessly before latching onto the screen, biting after a brief second. They take only one shot each to die. After the group is killed, the next phase begins.
  5. The Lovers climb above the lift as it stops. The female spider traps the player(s) in webbing; shaking free in the quick time event avoids damage. After this attack, the Lovers will stand in place before attacking, requiring more shots to end the phase.
  6. The Lovers climb down in front of the player(s). The male spider moves its talons back and forth, blocking gunfire; after a few seconds, he will raise the talons and slash the player(s). As the talons are invulnerable to gunfire, precise shooting is required to shoot the male spider only when it is visible.
  7. As their final attack, the Lovers perform the prior phase again.


  • For the Lovers' final two attacks, it is recommended to shoot only when the male spider is exposed, reloading when he is otherwise protected by his talons.


  • The Lovers' type number (6805) is similar to another spider-type boss, Hermit (6803).
  • The Lovers make a cameo appearance in the Curien Mansion-themed Graveyard Gig track in Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed. They releasing their offspring into the track as obstacles for the racers to avoid.
  • Interestingly, the female only has 4 legs when spiders generally have 8.
  • Considering the female body is mostly invincible whereas the tiny male body on top is its weak point, it can be implied the male is the actual spider and the "female" is most likely a guise or host.



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