For the level of the same name in Zombie Revenge, see The House of the Dead (episode).

The house of the dead is the fourth and final chapter in the 1996 rail shooting game of the same name.


After killing Hermit, AMS agents Thomas Rogan and G follow genetic engineer Dr. Curien into his laboratory. They defeat a revived Chariot and Hangedman before entering a room with Curien and his DNA-editing machine, the BioReactor.

Curien vows that he cannot be defeated before releasing his "masterpiece", Magician, from the BioReactor. Upon awakening, the Magician refuses to follow Curien's orders and kills him with a fireball. Rogan and G defeat the Magician outside the laboratory; before exploding, he warns "You haven't seen... anything... yet!"

Their mission completed, Rogan and G leave the laboratory, bidding Sophie and Curien farewell.
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