We can't let everyone's death be in vain!

Rogan, while raiding the EFI Research Facility.[src]

Thomas Rogan (トーマス・ローガン Tōmasu Rōgan?), codenamed "Eager Eagle",[1] is a former top agent of the American government organization AMS.[3] Since 1998, he has helped neutralize worldwide incidents involving hostile biologically-engineered creatures. After the AMS disbanded in 2003, he formed a secret division of survivors to continue fighting for mankind.

He is married to ex-DBR researcher Sophie Richards. The couple have one daughter, Lisa.

Rogan is one of the protagonists of The House of the Dead, and has made either playable or unplayable further appearances in the main House of the Dead series.


Early life and career

Thomas Rogan was born on February 9, 1966.[1] At some point in time, he joined the American government organization AMS and became recognized as its top agent.[3] Although known for being a "hothead", he was distinguished for his courage and keen decision-making.[1][4]

1998 Curien Mansion incident

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Rogan (left) pictured with his future wife Sophie Richards (center), and his partner G (right).

By 1998, Rogan was engaged to Sophie Richards, a researcher employed by the DBR Corporation to work on the top-secret BioReactor project of director and genetic engineer Dr. Curien.[5][1][6][7] The project involved the production of biologically-engineered creatures, and was conducted in a laboratory built within Curien's mansion.[8] Rogan and Curien had met several times in the past.[1]

On October 17 and December 18, 1998, the Curien Mansion was placed under scrunity for disappearances of DBR staff and a team of special operatives, respectively.[9] Rogan received a panicked phone message from Sophie before losing contact with her.[10] On December 20, the AMS sent Rogan and his partner G to investigate the Curien Mansion. Rogan took special interest in the case due to Sophie's involvement.[5]


Rogan (right) entering the Curien Mansion with partner G (left).

The agents arrived to find the Curien property overrun with the creatures produced by the scientist, which were hostile and had already killed multiple DBR researchers. They found Sophie feigning death outside, but the bat-like creature Hangedman captured her and took her back to the mansion. Rogan and G later reunited with Sophie, but the armored Chariot ambushed and presumably killed her.

After killing Hangedman, Rogan and G confronted Curien, who had gone mad due to his experiments; Curien escaped to his secret laboratory, leaving behind the spider-like Hermit to battle the agents. In a second confrontation, Curien awakened his "masterpiece", Magician. However, the creature betrayed and killed Curien, before being destroyed by the agents after a final battle.[11]

Rogan bid farewell to Curien, and mourned the supposed demise of Sophie.[12] However, Sophie survived her wounds. The two married gave birth to their daughter Lisa Rogan in 2000.[13]

2000 incident

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The same year as Lisa's birth, a second infestation in a large, unnamed city was masterminded by Curien's financier, Caleb Goldman. Rogan had an unknown level of involvement with the case.

After AMS agents James Taylor and Gary Stewart defeated Goldman's creation, the Emperor, Rogan met them at the entrance of Goldman's headquarters. He assured his fellow agents that partners G and Harry Harris were safe (both were injured during the incident), and that it was time to move on to the "next battle".[14]

2019 EFI Research Facility investigation

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16 years after a 2003 incident posthumously organized by Goldman, humanity collapsed and the AMS disbanded.[15] Rogan, now 52 years old and retired, investigated the cause of these events.[4] He formed a secret division comprised of military commandos and tactical expert Dan Taylor. In October 2019, the abandoned EFI Research Facility was determined the source of the apocalypse.[15]

Dan, commando Yukio, and others were killed during a raid of the facility. Rogan was injured by Death, a hulking creature dressed as a security guard. However, Dr. Curien's son Daniel -- whose terminal illness contributed to his father's insanity, and has now been cured -- rescued him.

Two weeks later, 20-year-old Lisa acted on a promise to her mother to find Rogan, fighting inside the building alongside G. When they reunited, Rogan revealed of Daniel's actions. While G stayed behind to care for Rogan's injuries, Lisa and Daniel saved humanity by destroying Wheel of Fate, which happened to be Curien's body, having undergone a 19-year resurrection process.

As they left the facility, Rogan expressed his gratitude for G's help. When asked whether this mission would change anything, Rogan -- while unsure -- optimistically claimed that they had "done [their] part", and that the future was left to people like Lisa and Daniel.


Throughout the series, Rogan is generally portrayed as brave and persistent. However, in The House of the Dead III, Lisa mentions that he always prioritized work over family, telling her to "believe in [herself], no matter what happens", despite her never grasping what this really meant. While this strained their relationship, Rogan is overjoyed upon reuniting with Lisa, who finally understands his advice. He believed in his daughter enough to let her confront the Wheel of Fate on his behalf.


Thomas has a short, tawny hair and brown eyes.

In the first House of the Dead, he is depicted wearing a long light brown detective-like coat with a pale brown formal suit jacket, a white long sleeved button shirt underneath and a black neck tie on the collar, pale brown pants and brown shoes. His appearance is depicted in both arcade and console cover of the game and its sequel House of the Dead 2.

In the console version, Thomas wears a brown formal suit jacket as a contrast of his appearance in the arcade wearing a detective coat, his pants are gray and retains his brown shoes from his arcade version.

In the end of House of the Dead 2 and as part of James Taylor's costume, Thomas retains his arcade appearance of the first House of the Dead only his formal suit becomes yellow and his neck tie remains black.

In House of the Dead III, Thomas becomes older and his hair becomes light brown.

When he infiltrates at the EFI Research Facility along with Dan Taylor and being rescued by Daniel Curien followed by G and his daughter Lisa Rogan to find him. He wears an outfit of a civilian nature, he wears a reddish brown jersey jacket with a white short sleeve undershirt, olive green cargo pants and brown combat boots.


Game designer Hiroyuki Taguchi described Rogan as "hot blooded" and despising the DBR Corporation. His appearance changed very little throughout The House of the Dead's development.[16] He resembles Brad Pitt's character Detective David Mills from 1995 American crime thriller film Seven, which series director Takashi Oda has stated inspired the House of the Dead games.[17]


The House of the Dead

Quote Audio
[After killing Hangedman] "We won't let you have it your way, Curien!"
Rogan Chp2 solo
[After killing Hermit] "I'll get you, Curien!"
Rogan Chp3 solo
"Everything is over.... I have nothing more to lose. However, I must go on. [Walks away] Goodbye, Curien. Farewell, Sophie...."
Rogan Chp4 solo

The House of the Dead 2

Quote Audio
"G and Harry are alright. Let's leave the rest to them. On we go, to our next battle."
THoTD2 Rogan ending


  • As seen in the first game, his license plate reads "OSMO1".
  • He can also be played in The House of the Dead 2, but only in Original Mode as a costume.
  • His last name is misspelled as "Rowgun" on certain arcade cabinets for the original House of the Dead game.
  • In The Typing of the Dead's VS. CPU Mode, Rogan is one of the characters the player can compete against.
  • Rogan is mentioned by G in The House of the Dead 4: Special during the player ranking if the player obtains A rank on both chapters, although his name was misspelled as "Logan".
  • Rogan makes a cameo in The House of the Dead 2's good ending as he calls to James and Gary just before they exit Goldman's building.
  • At the end of Uwe Boll's 2003 film, House of the Dead, when AMS agents arrive to investigate what occurred on the island, Rogan and G step out of a helicopter and begin questioning Rudy Curien. He was played by Adam Harrington.


The House of the Dead

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The House of the Dead 2


The House of the Dead III

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