Status: Alive

Weapon: H&K USP 40.swf

Wife: Sophie Richards (Possible Due To Lisa's Existence)

Daughter: Lisa Rogan

Thomas Rogan, commonly called "Rogan" by his comrades and friends, is one of the two main protagonists and lead heroes in the original House of the Dead arcade game.

His age is stated to be 32 in the first game and 52 in House of the Dead 3. He has been described as being hot headed. He also holds the Top Agent Rank during this time; however, it is unknown if this rank is exclusive to a person or whether several other individuals might possess it.

He and another Agent, codenamed "G", are sent to investigate Dr. Curien's mansion. They find horrific undead beasts there and they also find Rogan's fiancee, Sophie. She is taken by a flying bird like creature called Hangedman and is supposedly killed by Chariot. After battling through hoards of zombies, Rogan and "G" come face to face with Curien's ultimate creation, Magician. Magician however, betrays Curien and kills him, and tries to escape to the outside world. Rogan and G chase after him and battle him outside on the balcony of the laboratory. They defeat the Magician, and Rogan leaves the mansion mourning the death of Sophie.

One of the endings of the first game, however, does show that Sophie survived.

Rogan had a daughter named Lisa in the year 2000, however, the mother of his daughter is unknown. She has blonde hair, so there is a possiblity that it may be Sophie (following the first game's best ending).

Rogan's involvement in the 2000 Goldman incident is unknown (if he did even have any), though he did greet James and Gary at the entrance of The Goldman Building and congratulate them in one of the HOTD2 endings.

So far, Rogan's involvement and activities during the 2003 World Collapse is unknown, though his partner G is shown to be involved in the events in the European city that 2 took place in.

Years after the World Collapse, Rogan formed an organization to eliminate the undead threat (The AMS has ceased to exist at this point in time). He leads this team to one of DBR's facilities, but was severly injured in the mission by Death (His commando, Dan Taylor, had been killed by the same creature). He isnrescued by Curien's son Daniel, who kept him safe in the two week period until Lisa and G came to the facility to find him.

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