• Hey Dean3,

    I know you've been inactive and this is probably a crapshoot to contact you...but I'll try anyway.

    First, I just wanted to thank you for supporting Darryl's adoption of the wiki. Since he became admin and made me one as well, several long-neglected issues have been fixed, and we're continuing to make improvements.

    Second, do you still have your copy of the HOTDIII Japanese guide? I think it has some wiki-worthy information that could be translated. However, me and Darryl don't have a copy.

    I know it's asking a lot because you've got real life priorities, but I was wondering if you could scan the entire guide, then either upload it to the wiki or DM it to us on the HOTD Discord (easy to join, link available on the wiki). If not, no worries but please let me know as soon as you can.

    Just thought the contents of the guide would really add to the wiki. Cheers.

    EDIT: I recently bought a copy of the guide and will be contributing scans to the wiki. Please disregard this message.

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