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Type-8000, codenamed "Tower" (タワー, Tawā?), was a creature that consisted of four reddish-bronze serpents controlled by a larger blue one. Together, they are the third boss in The House of the Dead 2.

Every serpent was armored, thus their open mouths -- exposed during bite attacks -- were weak points. Initially, only the four bronze serpents attacked; once they were all dead, the blue serpent slithered away for a separate battle.


Tower is a quintet of Hydra-like serpents: four reddish-bronze snakes, and a larger crested blue serpent. Appearing together, they erratically bob their necks before attempting to bite the player(s); shooting a serpent's open mouth makes it recoil and damages Tower. The rest of their bodies are invulnerable to gunfire.

After the four bronze serpents are killed, the blue serpent escapes to either a reservoir or sandpit (depending on the player's route through the third chapter). Until death, it will repeatedly slither around for a charging bite attack.


The House of the Dead 2

Tower was derived from geneticist Dr. Curien's mad research; after Curien's death in the 1998 Curien Mansion Incident, his financier Caleb Goldman developed Tower and other creatures for the next two years. Goldman released them in a large, unnamed city on February 26th, 2000, scheming to decimate humanity and preserve the life cycle.

AMS dispatched agents to investigate, including James Taylor and Gary Stewart. After their rendezvous with partners Amy Crystal and Harry Harris, Goldman left a phone message inviting them to meet him at the Roman Coliseum in the north side of the city. Although fearing a trap, the party continued and split up; James and Gary entered the sewers, where they found Tower killing several civilians. The agents defeated the creature.

James and Gary would battle Tower again in Goldman's headquarters, but killed it like before.

The Pinball of the Dead

Tower is the third boss in The Pinball of the Dead. Unlike its appearance in 2, Tower is composed of three serpents instead of five, and they can also shoot fireballs. The player must hit two of the serpents once, with the remaining one requiring more hits before dying.



While Tower possesses rather quick attacks that require the player(s) to have swift reflexes, this is an easy boss fight that can be completed in a short amount of time. Tower's only method of attack is biting. The four bronze snakes will contort their upper bodies in different angles that the player(s) must aim at correctly before each creatures begins to lunge with a bite. Once these are successfully killed, the blue snake will separate itself away and slither into an adjoining room, where the player(s) must shoot its open mouth every time it approaches. Keeping an aim at the creature's maw will enure a successful defeat.

Tower is fought again in Chapter 6 in Goldman's headquarters, the only deviation being the lack of a second phase when battled.


  1. All the bronze serpents will attack with their mouths. With each interval, only one snake will attack most of the time. However, in multiplayer mode, it is possible that two snakes can attack at the same time. The player(s) must shoot their mouths right when the creatures open their jaws. Player(s) must shoot each snake three times in order for them to drop dead. Once all the bronze snakes are dead and 1/2 of the health bar remains, the first phase comes to a close.
  2. The blue snake will burst out of the wall and slide into an adjacent room. The agents will follow it. This battle can take place into two settings: a room full of water or a room full of sand. This does not change the snake's method of attack or the boss fight in general. During this phase, the snake will slither around the room and charge at the player(s), riding its body up right before attempting a bite attack. The snake will attempt to move in different patterns for each attack, so shoot its open maw as quickly as possible. This process must be repeated until the health bar has been completely depleted.


  • While the boss gives the player(s) very little time to shoot them before issuing damage, player(s) can quickly memorize the trajectory of the bites. Keeping the cross-hair just in position of where the mouth will travel will immediately give the player(s) the upper hand.
  • The second phase is the easier phase. The player(s) can aim from far away and be successful in hitting it.

The Typing of the Dead


  1. The first phase of Tower's fight plays like a trivia game. A question is presented, and each serpent head is a choice that can be typed; only one of them is the correct answer. If the player takes too long to answer, the serpent with the correct answer will attack, with the player given a brief time to type the correct answer.
  2. The blue snake will attack in the sand or pool, just as it does in the arcade version. When it roars and opens its mouth, the player must correctly input phases or words to stop the attack.


  • One may improve at the fight by reading books related to history, geography, and other topics that may be asked about.
  • In the first phase, many of the incorrect answers to questions are humorous or nonsensical. If one does not understand the question, through deductive reasoning, these "joke" answers can be ruled out and increase the player's chance of finding the correct answer.


  • Tower's roars were recycled from King Kong's roars that were used in the 1976 remake. The roars were provided by veteran voice actor Peter Cullen.
  • In The Typing of the Dead and The Pinball of the Dead, the four reddish-bronze snakes have been reduced to two. This is mostly because it will be difficult for players to answer questions (this applies to The Typing of the Dead, not The Pinball of the Dead).
  • Tower makes a cameo appearance in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing as an obstacle in the "Curien Mansion: Sewer Scrapes" track. It also reappears in the "Graveyard Gig" track in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed with a containment tube. During the second lap, it breaks out and escapes to the sewers.
  • The teeth on all the serpents of Tower are crusted with red blood stains. This is the case regardless of the color of the blood and the violence level set.
  • In the prototype, Tower's given name is Ophiuchus.


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