Type-8000, designated 'The Tower,' was a reptilian mutation faced by AMS agents James Taylor and Gary Stewart as the third boss in The House of the Dead 2. It consisted of four reddish-bronze snakes which were controlled by a larger blue snake and lives in the Venetian sewers. The blue one sported a bony crest one the sides of its head; the others lacked this feature. As the agents came close to Type-8000's lair, the creature grabbed a couple of terrified civilians and attempted to thrashed them around in its mouths, breaking the civilians' backs, and tossed them across the room when James and Gary arrived. The pair managed to kill the four smaller snakes by shooting them in the mouth as they tried to bite them, but the blue snake managed to escape. The agents proceeded to follow it through an underground reservoir (or sand pit) and eventually killed it in the same manner.

The beast was encountered again in Goldman's headquarters, but it was weaker this time and the blue snake did not slither away like before. The Tower also appeared as one of the Emperor's attacks.


All snakes (except the blue one) will attack with its mouths. Most of the time, 1 snake will attack. Some of the time, 2 snakes will attack the agents at the same time. The blue snake will slither free when all four snakes are dead. It can charge an attack while sliding. It will then rise up and bite its target. It will repeat the process until it is killed. Inside the Goldman Building, the Tower reappears, but this time, the blue snake joins the 4 other snakes to bite the agents.

The Pinball of the Dead

The Tower makes an appearance as the third boss in The Pinball of the Dead. Unlike his appearance in The House of the Dead 2, the Tower is composed of three snakes instead of five. During the battle with the Tower, each one of the heads will shoot a fireball at the player. In order to defeat the Tower, the player must hit two of the snakes once, while the remaining snake will require more hits before it is taken down.

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

Tower appears in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing as an obstacle in the Curien Mansion: Sewer Scrapes track. It reappears in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed's Graveyard Gig track, appearing in a containment tube for the first lap an breaking out and escaping to the sewers in lap 2.


  • Tower might have been based on the Hydra from Greek mythology.
  • It is unknown is the Tower is a creature with four bodies conjoined at the tail or is a team of four creatures with one name like Judgment. However, the fact that the overall health of the boss is hurt by killing the bronze snakes would indicate a physical or psychic connection.
  • The Tower has a slight resemblance to Serris from Nintendo's Metroid Fusion.


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