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For the chapter of the same name in the 2021 remake, see Tragedy (Remake).

Tragedy (惨劇, Sangeki?) is the first chapter in The House of the Dead.


On December 20, 1998, AMS agents Thomas Rogan and G drive to the mansion of genetic engineer Dr. Curien, where a special operatives team and DBR Corporation researchers have been reported missing.[1] Prior to their mission, the agents received a distressed phone message from Sophie Richards, Rogan's fiancée and a member of Curien's research team, before losing contact with her.[2]

Rogan and G arrive at the Curien Mansion just as a humanoid creature kills a researcher. Before dying, the researcher gives the agents a group photo of the other survivors who are still inside the mansion.

The agents encounter Sophie feigning death near a water fountain. As she reunites with them, a winged creature flies her back to the mansion. Rogan and G encounter her again inside the mansion, but an armored creature named Chariot ambushes and attacks her.

After the agents kill Chariot, Sophie urges them to stop Curien before something "terrible" happens. She seemingly dies.


  • During the original House of the Dead's development, several design concepts for this chapter were scrapped:
    • Originally, players could choose routes when the game began.[3]
    • The DBR researcher who is killed in the opening cutscene was originally Rogan 2, an alternately-dressed model of Thomas Rogan. Rogan 2 was planned to be an agent who arrived at the Curien Mansion before Rogan and G.[4][excerpt 1]
    • Sophie Richards was originally the end boss. After finding her dropped pendant and handbag, players would have been forced to kill Sophie after discovering her as a creature.[4][excerpt 2]
    • During Chariot's fight, players originally needed to shoot flying pieces of his armor to avoid damage. This was scrapped because players could not tell which pieces of armor to shoot. In addition, once armorless, Chariot climbed a ladder in pursuit of the players.[5][excerpt 3]
  • The foyer path, in which two Saruzou ambush the player on a chandelier before a Cyril cuts through a door, is referenced in the Annex level of House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn. Within Scarecrow Manor, two Rubins attack similarly on a chandelier, and a Cyril also breaks through a door.





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