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Training Mode is a game mode used in The House of the Dead 2 and The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return. There are a total of 10 training missions that can be completed. Each mission has five levels of difficulty that will go up as the player succeeds.


Training #1: You must rescue all the civilians from hordes of creatures.

Training #2: With 30 bullets and 2 life torches, successfully kill all the creatures. Losing either before the end of the training will result in a fail.

Training #3: Completely destroy all the barrels in the given time limit. The more you continue forward, the difficulty will rise and your time to accurately shoot will decrease.

Training #4: Using only one shot, you must shoot a golden frog hopping in the distance while aiming from a boat. There is a short time limit to shoot the frog.

Training #5: Shoot Kuarl down as he approaches you from a distance. If the boss makes its way over to you and strikes you before its health bar has been depleted, you will be marked for failure.

Training #6: Sitting stationary in a hallway, you must successfully complete this training by shooting all the creatures and letting the civilians escape. This requires both fast reflexes and a keen eye. Amidst the hordes of creatures that must be shot will be a scatter of civilians. Accidentally shooting a civilian or letting a creature get away will result in an automatic fail.

Training #7: Standing a distance, you must shoot all the enemies that stand idle in the given time limit. Many of the creatures will conceal themselves in shadow or remain partially hidden, so scan your environments wisely for this test.

Training #8: Standing at the end of a road, multiple cars will rapidly approach you with creatures clinging onto them steadfast. The automobiles can emerge from the left or right, and sometimes will do zig-zag patterns in the road in an attempt to disorient. Creatures clinging to these car must be shot before the cars disappear beside you.

Training #9: In 8 different given scenarios (randomized each time), you must find the creature amongst hordes of civilians and kill it before the time limit depletes. In each scenario, the creature will be mimicking the actions of the civilians in an attempt to conceal itself. If you accidentally shoot a civilian, you fail.

Training #10: You must keep a flipping coin in the air by repeatedly shooting it.


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