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UDS-03 is the first boss encountered in Zombie Revenge, being fought at Area 1, Woodside City.


UDS-03 was a humanoid with muscle strengthening and mind control abilities. Although there were plans to improve it further, the zombie escaped the facility and resided in Woodside City.[1]

Bestiary Overview

UDS-03 is a creature with exposed muscles on its left arm and various items such as knives, glass shards and metal poles lodged in the chest area and arms. There is an armband with the words "UDS-3" on its wrist.


UDS-03 attacks with short-range dash attack and upper cut. Being a slow creature and lacking in long-range attacks, it is easy to defeat UDS-03 if players keep their distance and use firearms (e.g. handgun, machine gun or shotgun) against it.

It is possible to pull out items from UDS-03 if players get close and keep pressing the required button.


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