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UDS-TP II is the seventh boss encountered in Zombie Revenge. It is first fought in Episode 5 and subsequently fought again in Episode 7.

Bestiary Overview

UDS-TP II is made up of a bigger creature and a smaller creature which for the first phase is inside the bigger creature.

The bigger creature has two types of attacks. The first type involves firing missiles and a machine gun from a distance. The second type involves ramming and dashing for a close hit. The smaller creature attacks by attacking the player at the head to immobilize them.


UDS-TP II is fought in two phases. The first phase involves fighting the bigger creature. After depleting the first lifebar, its abdomen opens, causing a smaller creature to leave and start the second phase (with a new lifebar). In the second phase, the bigger creature attacks like the first phase but the smaller creature is the weak point. The smaller creature can make it hard to hit with physical attacks and its attack is dangerous because the player will not be able to move to dodge any attack from the bigger creature.

During the rematch in Episode 7, only the second phase is fought.




  • The second phase of the battle resembles that of Judgment.
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