aka Sayuki-chan

  • I was born on February 23
  • My occupation is Just Student
  • I am Female

Konichiwa there my fellow sweetie cupcakes here! I am Sayuki-Chan! (formely Liliakira because my username is from DeviantArt) and I've just wanted to know that I was the skeptic in things for a long time, mostly in friendships. If you wanted to know from this account, even in artist lived from DeviantArt. 

Here: Liliakira:

Interests: Music- Some of them are from my favorite are J-Pop (some of these are English). Well... I loved to listened themes (that are remixed), Rock and more of these. Anime- Sometimes I always watch those, because I can't do live in Anime Zone and I'm tired... Games- Genres of Horror, Action, and more interesting Sci-Fi/Romance. (ehh... Don't be so confuse guys... I'm on there)

If this is possible to know that my favorite game is on really under construction, Please guys I'll remake the Game's information. :3


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