Okamiden Amaterasu

aka Okami Amaterasu

  • I live in Nippon
  • I was born on July 12
  • My occupation is Fanficton Writer
  • I am Female

Just Call Me Mira

Married to Agent G in my mind. <3

I'm easily approachable, just don't be stupid. :) ♥

About Me:

Name: Hannah or Ammy

Gender: FEMALE

Nickname: Okamiden Amaterasu, Amaterasu, Ammy, Okamiden, Okami, Mira

Age: 16

Grade: Junior *11th grade*

Occupation: Fanfiction writer, photographer

Religious?: Yes...VERY. I seem to be a Christion & Catholic mix..

Bio: I'm clearly in love with The House of the Dead's Agent 'G'. I am a friendly person. I try to be social, but sometimes that won't happen at times. You can talk to me, I'm easily approachable, just don't be stupid. :) ♥

I like the female rapper Kreayshawn, deal with it... I am also a Martix nerd, fear me. :3 I'm also part of the 'Charlie Sheen Army', I still love Charlie Sheen...

Don't let my smile fool you, inside I'm laughing uncontrollably



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