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Name: Top Agent PGG jr (トップ・エージェント・ピジジ・ジュニア, Toppu Ējento Pijiji Junia?)

Basic Information

Gender Male
Occupation Di Jun leader-in-chief
Birthday 3 April 1991
Birthplace Singapore
Nationality Singaporean
Height 175 cm
Weight 55 kg
Blood type Unknown (forget to do a test)
Hair color Black
Eye colour Black
Dominant hand Left (uses weapons with his right hand)
Language proficiency English, Chinese, Japanese (a bit)
Hobby Constant perfection of his army
Personal treasures AK-15 assault rifle fitted with a ACOG sight, backup sights and foregrip
Music (mainly Chinese and BGM)
Favourite food Belgium chocolate
Dislikes Variable (latest one involves SKY Corp)
Forte in sports None
A human designed along the lines of an agent, this person is the founder and leader of 敌军 (Di Jun, simply referred to as Soldiers). He is a shadow-elemental unit with a mastery of fire, air and light elements as well (though his main master elements are shadow and air). He is weak to light (though not by much and can use some light-elemental skills), earth and water (his main weakness). His sensei is Top Agent PGG, a ninja. He is a fan of the Luxor Series, loves listening to Chinese Music, loves sword-fighting (especially with using katanas) and his AKM assault rifle fitted with a gold-plated PSO-1 scope (it is changed to the AK-15 assault rifle fitted with a generic ACOG and foregrip in later chronicles). He wants to be perfect where possible.

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