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The following statements are my ideas of, what we can only hope, future installments for the House of the Dead franchise. These are my ideas and what I like to see and enjoy if a sequel is in development.

The House of the Dead: Overkill 2

The House of the Dead: Overkill 2 is a first-person rail shooter video game for the Wii, PS4 and PC. The game takes place before and during the events of House of the Dead 4 during the "several days earlier" timeline but the setting is in a different country. 

The following contains the game's available features:

Plot Summary

Year: XX/XX/2003.

A grizzly message from Caleb Goldman has broadcasted throughout the entire world:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, if you are watching this live broadcast, then in a matter of minutes, you will all return to a position you were once subjected to. My message will only be short but has a vast outcome of possibilities. Question is: Will salvation be on your side? I ask this specific question because of mankind's unceasing continuation of corruption. Humanity is blind to realize that every action commited results to consequences. Severe consequences that fractured the natural law of the world. Wars, famines, pollution. It endangers the world and it must be stopped. How you see my solution to end it all has but little concerned to me. I would like to thank my friends who I will only refer as "horsemen" that greatly participated in this essential event. Now, the genesis of your revelations will judge your fate. It's time to open Pandora's Box. If you manage to survive, then hope is not lost. I bid you farewell."

And so, the end begins. The world is in chaos. Most of the first world countries have drastically reduce it's population, governments are going haywire, the military failed to handle the situation. Civilization is on the brink of destruction and nobody is safe.

Days after the event what many call as "The Black Pestilence" or "World Collapse", the world is laid into devastation. The AMS American and European division has then been disavowed and only a few remaining agents and special force units survived that cataclysm. Recent intel picked up from former AMS agents have stated that a man named "Aaron Cain" has been identified to assist Goldman's sinister triumph across the US. He's also been creating his own monstrosities for purposes of his own. With that in mind, the battle for humanity's survival is on track. The intel has been sent to Thomas Rogan's paramilitary force called "Phantoms" forming a new objective: Take Aaron Cain into custody and end his reign of terror. 


The following list of characters have either relevance to the game or make special cameos.

  • Thomas Rogan - One of the playable protaganist in the game. Now 37 yrs. old, he assist his fellow comrades during the event. After the AMS downfall, he then recruited what's left of AMS employees and other special force units to a form a paramilitary group in solving the problem.
  • Jessica Walker - Another playable protanganist partnered with Thomas. She is a skilled marksman and formidable combatant. She has strong morals, courageous and confident.
  • Detective Isaac Washington Jr. - A playable protaganist unlocked with the Extended Cut of the game. He is still the foul-mouthed, trigger happy individual he is.
  • Detective Steven Adams - A playable character for a limited time. He assist Washington when the outbreak occured. His brutal fate is to be eaten by the undead.


The following chapters are in chronological order with the inclusion of extra chapters. Each chapter includes a text.

Opening Cutscene: Reveals the live video feed from Goldman.

Prelude - Oblivion (Extended)

"The Alpha and Omega. The Genesis of Man's Revelations. For the time has finally arrive to end their corruption." This chapter revolves on two scenarios: First being the downfall of the AMS Agency and Secondly would be an investigation leading to a brutal demise. 

AMS Dissolved

Location: AMS Agency American division. Somewhere in USA.

Thomas Rogan and his partner, Jessica Walker, were in the agency having a coversation. When the broadcasted message was mysteriously sent, the entire control room was finding the source of the broadcast but couldn't find it's exact location. The electricity was shut down and screams were heard outside the control room. When Thomas and Jessica checked what's happening, they witness hordes of mutants breaking in the building. All agents and elites are then ordered to retake the agency. Thomas and Jessica grabbed firearms from fallen agents and helped eliminate the threat. The operation failed because of how violent the situation was though Thomas and Jessica were able to rescue a couple of survivors and escape from the destruction. Everyone's PDA suddenly opened and revealed a video of the chaos from all parts of the globe from CCTV cameras to news reports. The transmission ends with a mysterious shadowy figure appearing to the remaining agents thanking them for the "fun we had." Jessica asked Thomas what now of which he replied, "We fight back".

"Fellow AMS Agents, Elites and Employees. You are all relieved from your duties. Thank You for all the fun we had." - Mysterious Figure's transmission.

In the interest of time...

Investigation (Extension)

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Detective Isaac Washington Jr. and his, claiming unneccesary, partner, Detective Steven Adams were sent to investigate a murder scene. During the investigation, 2 delivery trucks stopped in the middle of the road. Traffic officers approach the vehicles only to unleash the undead. Unable to kill them, most civilians try to flee away but more mutants started to spawn out of nowhere. Washington remembers his journey with Agent G in '91. Multiple units were dispatched to control the situation. Isaac and Steven assist their other detectives and officers in reducing the threat. They were even able to rescue some civilians. Most of which succumbed to death. Realizing the scenario cannot be properly dealt with, they try to rescue what ever is left of the civilians and hid them in a safe building until help arrives. However, Steven was caught in the act and was devoured by the undead. Washington tried to save him but was too late. A television news channel reports the outbreak has spread across multiple states in the country. Local and federal authorities are doing the best to their ability to handle the problem. The report ends when the news reporter is attacked by a mutant and fades to an emergency screen. Surviving civilians mourn at the devastation. The chapter concludes with Washington looking over the resulting catastrophe.

End Cutscene: A compilation of news reports worldwide projected through multiple television screens. We see a man watching delightfully and laughing at all the incidents. He speaks to himself about a man who motivated him to pursue Goldman's plans.

Black Pestilence

"As the world burns and society collapsed, mankind struggles to recover. Fight and rebel, goals at hand. In blood, they are nurtered."

Opening Cutscene: Several days after the World Collapse, it has lay into ruins. Thomas Rogan explains how the world is dealing with situation. He also explains the formation of his new paramilitary force he calls "Phantoms" - an elite group of highly skilled soldiers from former AMS commandos and special force units. His current mission along with his partner, Jessica Walker, is to track down Aaron Cain - one of the powerful friends Goldman is in contact with.


Modes return from previous titles to offer a variety of scenarios. Each mode itself contains options available for the player having different experiences. 

Campaign Mode

Campaign Mode follows the main storyline of the game's events. This mode offers all the games pickups, collectibles and extras of which can be obtain depending on the player's choice of situation. There are 2 options to enjoy this mode:

  • Lone Agent - Complete the entire storyline as the only field agent.
  • Buddies - Play with your friends or play online to join other players from around the world. 

To earn higher points and make the storyline challenging, other sets of modifications were implemented: 

  • Time Attack - A returning feature from The House of the Dead III, where the players health is replaced with a timer. Each mutant killed restores 2 or 3 minutes while shooting medkits and rescuing survivors gains multiple minutes.
  • Head Hunter - A new feature where performing headshots gains points. Players can still kill mutants on the lower body half but will not earn any points. Point pickups are absent in this option.

Practice Mode

Practice Mode trains the survivor to endure several obstacles that help built their accuracy and knowledge throughout the game.

  • Elimination - This is a traget practice based scenario where players must eliminate a horde of holographic mutants endlessly coming towards them. They start with their standard weapon, the Handgun. As they progress, they will be provided with new firearms depending on how they deal with the situation.
  • Sharpshooter - This mode trains players to kill mutants by doing headshots. A line of simulated mutants will rush to the player and will not stop unless a headshot is inflicted. Failure to perform the task, the simulation ends
  • Combatant - A hand-to-hand combat scenario that challenges the player to wrestle with actual mutants in an arena. They will have to do specific combat tasks in order to prevent the mutants from attacking them. If failed, the arena announcer will end the match.
  • Demolitionist - A timer is set and players will be on the move while destroying certain objects to open new routes. The neccesary items to be shot will not be highlated which will train players to spot thinngs that can be destroyed. Successfully destroying certain objects will reset the timer. If the timer runs out, the simulation ends.
  • Predator - Players will fight against simulated boss battles. They have to specifically shoot the boss weakpoints in order to thwart the boss attacks. If attacked, the simulation ends.
  • Rescuer - Players will have to save survivors from a continous attack of mutants. Causing civilian casualties by either accidently shooting them or failed to save them will end the simulation.

Operations Mode

Operations Mode is a series of scenarios dealt by Thomas Rogans paramilitary force, Phantoms. Each completed operations unlocks the next operation. Players can also choose the characters they would like playing as. Each character has their own weapon of choice and weapon upgrades.

  • Clean Sweep - Players must venture into a mutant infested ghost town and eliminate the remaining mutants.
  • Defensive Position - Players must hold the line to protect a broken down generator being repaired. If generator is repaired, a helicopter will arrive and shoot down the remaining mutants. If not, they will be overruned.
  • Insurgency - Players must venture into a mutant infested structure to plant explosives and escape. Depending on how players deal with certain actions, the operation will be accomplished or result into their demise. 
  • Search and Rescue - Players must locate the surviving civilians trapped somewhere in their own community before the mutants get to them.
  • Extraction - Players will enter an overruned pharmacuetical building and retrieve an item hidden inside before a bombing commences. If players choose the right path, they will successfully extract the item to extraction point. Failure to do so, they have atleast a couple of minutes to escape before the a missile strikes the building.


The game itself retains it's pre-determined rail shooting mechanics. Returning to the game is "Danger Cam" where pointing the aiming reticle slightly expands the field of vision. The game retains it's gory gameplay from the original with different methods of dismemberment. Sloe-Mo-Fo returns from the original Overkill where if shot, will slow down time enough for the player to shoot multiple enemies and see the levels of gore.

All levels throughout the game have alternate routes that lead to different scenarios. A system called "PDA Path Finder" prompts the player to choose which direction they would desire to take before the timer runs out and automatically decides the route similar to the mechanic in House of the Dead 4. Another way to unlock alternate routes is to interact certain objects that lead to different paths. It could be either shaking the controller to unlock doors, shoot items or objects and destroying obstructions. Rescuing survivors also opens oppurtunities to venture in new areas.

The Health Gauge from Overkill returns. Each gauge contains 10 bars. Players can still revive themselves upon death by revival credits which cost a specific amount of points.

Gaining Points

There are several ways players can obtain points. The traditional way is to kill mutants. Higher points will be earned if a mutant is shot and killed from a specific body part or by killing multiple enemies.

  • Shot from the chest - 150 points.
  • Killed from the chest - 200 points.
  • Shot from the arm - 150 points.
  • Blow off an arm - 150 points.
  • Blow off a leg - 150 points.
  • Killed from Head - 250 points.
  • Blow off Head - 250 points.
  • Destroy entire body - 300 points.
  • Kill 2 mutants - 600 points.
  • Kill 3 mutants - 900 points.
  • Kill 4 mutants - 1200 points.
  • Kill 5 mutants - 1500 points.
  • Kill 6 above mutants - 2000 points.

Killing a continous set of mutants will build a combo meter called Mutilation Meter. The meter will sieze continuation if the player misses a shot. If a shot does miss, the game updates the player their highest combo. Players can also beat their current mutilation combo. Doing this continously will recieve a special achivement.

Other ways to earn points is to shoot pickups. Pickups can be either seen on objects or hidden inside objects that requires shooting in order to reveal itself. 

  • Gold Coin - 5000 points.
  • Gold Plate - 10000 points.(When continously shot)
  • Gold Bell - 10000 points.(When continously shot)

Rescuing survivors gains 5000 points. If a one accidently shoots the survivor, they will decrease 5000 points. A survivors killed by a mutant will not reduce any points.

Pick Ups


The standards attacks mutants will do are scratching, hitting, biting, charging, weapon smashing or slicing and weapon throwing. Mutants spawn everywhere to create a claustrophic atmosphere. They will appear from above, in cars, breaking doors and windows, below the ground and etc. Most mutants will rush towards the player in an attempt to attack them while some are the slow shambling ones. They will go through directions in order to distract and confuse the players aim similar to the mutant behavior in the original Overkill. Either way, both are fiercely dangerous in groups and hordes. Shooting them with firearms prevents their attacking methods. Grenades, which can be obtained scattered around some areas, deal huge damage to hordes

A returning feature from HotD4 is that players can wrestle against mutants. If a mutant does a grabbing action, players will have to shake the controller to shove them backwards. If a mutant shoves down the player in an attempt to chomp or stomp, they'll have to shoot whatever mutant is above them. 

In some cases depending on the level, players will grab objects serving as weapons to deal with specific foes. In addition, there are special mutants that require specific combat to kill them:

  • Goregrinds - These muscular mutants replace Rage Mutants. Similar in Overkill, they will charge towards the player. Once happened, shooting 3 targets successfully will go through an animation of a laid weapon on the ground to finally end them. If a target is missed, the mutant will attack and reduce one health bar.
  • Bombers - These bloated mutants replaces The Puker. Just like in the original, they will rush to the player and explode spraying an acidic substance reducind 2 health bars. Shooting them until the explosion will result to the same effect and harming other mutants surrounding him.
  • Nimrods - These are agile, ghoulish mutants that will charge directly to the player and hug them. Players must shake their controller to shove the mutant leaving it vulnerable to gunfire. An unsuccessful shake will make the mutant bite it's victim reducing 4 health bars. In some cases, the mutant will attack one player if 2 players are involved. The unattacked player will have to shoot the mutant to prevent it's attack.
  • Wraith - This mutant has the ability to signal other mutants to attack the player. A target will appear and must be shot from green to red in order to thwart the mutant's attack command.
  • Juggernauts - These simply mutants protected by armor. If the player is in possession of a melee weapon, they must thrash the mutant to break it's armor leaving it's decayed head vulnerable to blunt or blade attack.

Bossess also have a similar feature where shooting targets and destroying objects are necessary for the player's survival.

Additionally, players can unlock Special Skills that help annhilating the undead. This was feature to flesh out the characters soldier skills.


The Armory replaces Gun Shop where players can unlock weapons, upgrades and skills.


Most of the weapons available in the Armory are firearms. Some firearms will be unlocked by completing the main storyline and unlocking most of the game's content. 

Here are the list of firearms in detail:

  • Handgun - Your average House of the Dead starting weapon. Though relatively weak, it makes up for it's decent fire rate, ammo capacity and reload speed. Thomas and Jessica's handgun is modelled after the Berreta M9A1 while Isaac's and Steven's is modelled after the Glock 17.
  • Hand Cannon - One of the most powerful firearms available. It can kill mutants in just one shot and do severe damage to bosses. It does, however, have it's disadvantages. The firearms ammo capacity cannot be upgraded, powerful recoil that lowers accuracy and low reloading speed. Modelled after Chiappa Rhino 40DS, Taurus Raging Bull or Mateba Unica Model 6.
  • Machine Pistol - A rapid firing sidearm. Probably one of the weakest firearms available unless upgraded. Aside from it's immense rapid fire and decent reload speed, it has the weakest damage. Dealing almost all of it's ammunition upon 2 or 3 mutants. Modelled after the MP9 or the Skorpion vz.61
  • Pump Shotgun
  • Auto Shotgun
  • Submachine Gun

​Here are the firearms that can be unlocked through certain specifications:

  • Magnum Pistol
  • Assault Rifle
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Explosive Crossbow
  • Machine Gun
  • Hybrid Firearm
  • Minigun

These weapons aren't obtainable through the Armory but are placed in each level:

  • Crowbar
  • Wrench
  • Fire Axe
  • Claw Hammer
  • Broom
  • Steel Bar



Skill are a variety of special abilities that maximizes gameplay and gore. This feature was added to make the character's training feel real. Skill can be obtained through either completing Practice Mode or gathering enough points.

Here are the list of available skills:

  • Incendiary Ammo
  • Fast Melee
  • Secondary Execution
  • Throwing Knives
  • Resource Detection


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