aka Lev

  • I live in St. Peterburg, Russia
  • I was born on July 28
  • My occupation is Ordinary Russian Student
  • I am Male
  • BinaryLion

    Hello, HoTD fans ! I am from Russia. In my country here no many HoTD arcades, but I played second game arcade in Sochi as a kid and saw third and fourth games in Moscow five years ago. So I fell in love with series and watched walkthrough of all games (including Overkill and Zombie Revenge, but not EX). I played Windows version of HoTD 2 and HoTD 3 too.

    I so sad that we don't have HoTD 5 for ten years. Overkill is great game for sure, and it expands series overall story, but without tarot-named bosses and without ties to main series besides G I can't take it like "true" HoTD game. It was not on arcade, I guess too.

    So I got some fantasies and guessed about series future.

    1. Bosses and design. In my opinion, because all bosses are somehow conn…

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