Hello, everyone, it's Darryl

I just want to tell you all that I am now pursuing to be the wiki's new administrator. The current administrator, Dean, couldn't fulfill his tasks as administrator due to being busy in real life and has given me his blessings.

As a part of my administrator status campaign, here are some things I want to do for the wiki, appearance wise and content wise:

1. I will remove any unnecessary categories and pages. Stub pages will be removed completely and the category pages will be reworked.

2. I will change the overall look of the wiki (not sure if an admin could do so, but hopefully we can)

3. We will start cleaning up the mess that is the List of Zombies page, in particular HotD3 and 4 sections.

4. Duplicate pictures will be removed, in addition all fanarts and pictures unrelated to the series will also be removed

5. As part to make the wiki more alive, I will grant temporary additional privileges to users who were active in the wiki.

6. In order to make the fanbase and the wiki more united than ever, I will try to make a deal with Kori-Maru of Website of the Dead so the moment his news came up, we all be informed as well. This may not go smoothly since we might not be able to meet face to face, but hopefully I can make it happen.

Therefore, I hope everyone can help and support me so I could continue the work of our admins. To our current admin Dean3, thank you for everything you've done to the wiki.

Wish me the best! Let's make the wiki great again!

Sincerely, Darryl DarryLazakar (talk) 05:08, January 25, 2019 (UTC)

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