Hello my AMS friends, it's been a while.

I've received numerous complains about my work as an admin. Mostly attributed to my inactivity by our co-admin Multibrawlr. 

He is right. I am very inactive these days. Most of my time was taken to finish chores in my home and finishing homework from the university, which seem to have no end by now. It was exhausting and give me no time to do any work on the wiki. Not to mention my laptop which suddenly broke down last week. It's fine now.

As a result, I become an irresponsible leader in the wiki. And so, I've decided to do something, as follows:

  • User: Multibrawlr will be promoted to a Bureaucrat, due to his incredible dedication and work to the wiki.
  • User: SanatanaSociety and User:Top Agent PGG jr., both of which worked with Multibrawlr closely, have been promoted to Content Moderators. Should they contribute even more, I will promote them to Administrators as well in a future date.

In addition, I want all contributors, admins included to reduce their workload on the wiki. I believe there's a lot more important stuff to do in the real world. I know this may seem like an insulting response, but honestly, there's so much work to do with so little time in our hands. I want to re-evaluate our goals and try to streamline them to reduce the work.

I know this may not seem much as an apology, there so much that I have to improve upon as a leader. So I hope everyone to please tell me, in an honest fashion, criticisms that would help me to be a better admin and a better leader overall. All of these criticisms will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards.

DarryLazakar (talk) 05:56, November 19, 2019 (UTC)

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