Hello my AMS friends, Darryl here. It's been a while.

First of all I want to thank everyone who have contributed to the wiki. Thank you so much.

Now for the big news: Please welcome User: Dino crisis fan as our new administrator! He's a administrator for the Vampire Night wiki, and now he has joined us!

Speaking of Vampire Night, we administrators have made a decision to bring new content to the wiki. From now on, you'll see two new games in the wiki: Vampire Night, and Sega Golden Gun! This comes from a decision to include games that are influenced by House of the Dead, or that the HotD developers were involved in a certain game.

  • For Vampire Night, it's because the developers of HotD were involved in the game.
  • For Sega Golden Gun, it's because the game was influenced by House of the Dead and has numerous references to the series.

We decided that Vampire Night and Sega Golden Gun to be included in the wiki, in order to bring the fans of those games together, as well as to bring other HotD fans knowledge of these games and encourage them to try them out. So, from now on, you can have a discussion about Vampire Night, and Sega Golden Gun on this wiki!

That's all for now, everyone. More updates will come very soon.

- Darryl

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