Hello my AMS friends.

Today is the big day! House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn is officially released in Japan!

For starters, the website has been massively updated, featuring story synopsis, characters, zombies and bosses (of all things?). Be sure to check to see it! However keep in mind that this only available at desktop/PC, as using the Android version does absolutely nothing.

Also, massive spoilers in the site as it's essentially a "mini guidebook"

In addition, our AMS friend SpeedBeatz has begin recording of his improved run, featuring Kate Green! Stay tuned for more details.

Also if you want to join our Discord channel, just use this link and we welcome you to AMS!

I'll keep you guys posted

- Darryl

Edit: This is it fellas. Speed has given us his Master Mode run, featuring Kate Green, and improved camera! Massive spoilers ahead!

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