Hello my AMS friends, Darryl here.

Me and a couple of our contributors have made changes to the wiki. Here are some of the changes

1. You may have noticed that the logo and the name of the wiki has changed. Special thanks to Egregiousguy, who helped me create our new logo. By the way, Egregiousguy is also a data miner, decrypting lots of stuff from the arcade version of the games. He recently decrypt and present a TON of models and stage layouts for The House of the Dead 4, ranging from character models, stage layouts, boss models and enemy models. So again, huge thanks to Egregoiusguy for helping us out!

2. User: Multibrawlr has made major changes for the wiki, from making navboxes for HotD4 Special and SD respectively, adding quotation templates, and fixing several grammatical errors. Thank you so much for helping out!

3. I have removed several categories that I found either useless or just a waste of space. I can't really do much since my PC lags a lot, but slowly but surely, I will fix it.

For future updates, I'm planning to work with Multibrawlr to revamp our navboxes, in terms of appearance and usability. Hopefully it will work out in the end.

As always, thank you to EVERYONE for supporting this wiki for the fans. See you in the next update. If you want to chat with me, just leave a message in my Talk page.

Also if you want to meet other fans as well, join Kori-Maru's discord channel: The House of the Dead Discord, for everything about HotD and arcade shooters in general. We are always open for conversation and we will gladly accept you.


See you later, my AMS friends.

--DarryLazakar (talk) 09:09, February 1, 2019 (UTC)

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