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  • DarryLazakar

    Hello, everyone, it's Darryl

    I just want to tell you all that I am now pursuing to be the wiki's new administrator. The current administrator, Dean, couldn't fulfill his tasks as administrator due to being busy in real life and has given me his blessings.

    As a part of my administrator status campaign, here are some things I want to do for the wiki, appearance wise and content wise:

    1. I will remove any unnecessary categories and pages. Stub pages will be removed completely and the category pages will be reworked.

    2. I will change the overall look of the wiki (not sure if an admin could do so, but hopefully we can)

    3. We will start cleaning up the mess that is the List of Zombies page, in particular HotD3 and 4 sections.

    4. Duplicate pictures wil…

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  • DarryLazakar

    Hello my AMS friends. We got some sweet sweet information today!

    House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn has appeared in multiple D&B locations. So if you're nearby one, you're probably in luck!

    But wait! There is more!

    Thanks to our member in Discord, luffytam, we've discovered an article full with behind thee scenes production of the game, concept arts and much more! The article is in Japanese so you might need Google Translate to understand it. Also, prepare for a bit of disappointment if you read the article.

    That's all for today, folks. Farewell my AMS friends.

    PS: Wanna join Discord? No…

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  • DarryLazakar

    Hello my AMS friends. This is a quick update on HotD: Scarlet Dawn western release date.

    It's confirmed

    November 11th is the official release date of HotD: Scarlet Dawn in the US/EU!

    This doesn't mean that D&B will get their hands on the game on that date. They still got the game earlier.

    That's all for today, friends. See you next time I'll keep you guys posted

    Darryl --DarryLazakar (talk) 18:33, September 17, 2018 (UTC)

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  • DarryLazakar

    More Info on HotD: SD

    September 13, 2018 by DarryLazakar

    Hello my AMS friends.

    Today is the big day! House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn is officially released in Japan!

    For starters, the website has been massively updated, featuring story synopsis, characters, zombies and bosses (of all things?). Be sure to check to see it! However keep in mind that this only available at desktop/PC, as using the Android version does absolutely nothing.

    Also, massive spoilers in the site as it's essentially a "mini guidebook"

    In addition, our AMS friend SpeedBeatz has begin recording of his improved run, featuring Kate Green! Stay tuned for more details.

    Also if you want to join our Discord channel, just use this link and we welcome you to AMS!

    I'll keep you guys posted

    - Dar…

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  • DarryLazakar

    Hello, my AMS friends. Before we get started, I would like to introduce myself.

    My name is Darryl, I joined this wiki since this January, ever since Scarlet Dawn was announced, and since then, I've been trying to improve the wiki while also updating Scarlet Dawn page with the latest info, which bring us to today.

    The day has finally come, friends. The release date has been confirmed

    My friends at House of the Dead Discord discovered this tweet, featuring new poster of the game and what seems to be the date for the 5th location test. But someone had confirmed to us that no, it's not the location test date...

    It's the official launch date.

    Yes my friends, September 15th is the la…

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