Hello Fellow House of the Dead Fans and WIkia Members,

Dean3 here. First off, as a fellow House of the Dead fan I want to thank all of you for filling this site with your informative and faithful contributions.

Now for the nitty gritty, As most of you know, this wikia has been without any active admins for quite a while. This has led to a recent increase of vandals, griefing, and users posting noncanonical information on this wiki. As such, I would like to make the bold move to become an "adoptive admin" myself.

In order to do so, the Wikia guidelines state that I must first make this blog post to gather the Wikia Community's opinion and support before making such a request to the main WIki Community central.

Now to list my credentials on why I am a good candidate for the job:

1. Am overall a friendly and non-trolling member of the community, and never aggressively attacked or called out anyone without good reason.

2. Have been on this WIkia for years, am a usually regular poster of information, and have created more than a few new pages on this wikia, as well as contributed plenty of information and images.

3. Have never posted purposely false or misleading information.

4. Have never banned from any other Wikias for any reason, including the ones revolving around hostility and vandalism.

For those of you seeking proof of these claims, feel free to check my contribution history or ask me any reasonable questions.

As an admin, I will do my best help promote "cleaning up" this Wikia, to bring enough order to this Wikia so that it won't be polluted or vandalized as it has been recently, and to listen to any members' advice and questions as long as they're sincere and well-intentioned.

IN ORDER FOR THIS TO WORK: To gain momentum, any of you who are willing to support my "campaign" are going to have to post supporitng messages and good reasons in the comments section of this blog. That way when I bring up my request to the Wikia Community, they'll be able to read this for incentive to give me the position.

I hope that I have made a good initial impression on you all with this post, and am open to questions.


~ Dean3

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